Visible Photographs within Posts

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Visible Photographs within Posts

Postby Indiana » Thu Jul 17, 2008 10:18 am

We’re able to offer a new opportunity for personal glimpses! A chance for views into our friends' worlds through one-time photograph sharing in a manner our bandwidth can handle.

(As far as decorating/personalizing posts regularly, we will need to continue to rely on our avatars and signatures to do that, so that we don't overtax our space.)

We have the capability to insert visible photos into posts in two ways :
1) as uploaded attachments hosted by our personal computers, and
2) as uploaded images hosted by a web hosting page.

We have security to post photos while avoiding unwanted outside attention. We want to be courteous to those whose internet connection could be slowed by waiting for photos to load, OR who might be pressed for time and need to post and run. So we made sure there were restrictions in place so those on dial-up could access threads without waiting. This should also help keep the new feature from overtaxing our bandwidth.

There are limitations, then, on our ability to use visible photos.

1) There is a 300x300 pixel size (dimension) limit. (Avatar limit is 80x80 pixels.)

2) Post When You Can and Joys and Concerns are excluded from photo postings, so that all posters can always have quick access there. Our signature lines are excluded. New and Announcements, and Tips, Hints and How-Tos are excluded except by administrators or moderators for a specific purpose.

3) Photos will be monitored for appropriate use. Administrators have the right to delete photos whenever that becomes necessary.

For information on how to resize photos to the 300x300 limit, and how to insert photos, here is a link to Tips, Hints and How-Tos.

Note - If you used personal information in naming a photo on your computer, consider a different name for uploading the photo here.

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