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Welcome to our new (and final!) SHE Home!

Posted: Wed Jul 09, 2008 8:26 pm
by Kathryn-in-Canada
Thanks to Indiana and Mr. Indiana's hard work, we find ourselves finishing up the decorating on our final home!

We own the web name and have full control over the content of this website so we are able to make backups of the boards on a regular basis. We don't anticipate another move that will involve the loss of our posts.

This is a paid site, from a professional web hosting company who offers all kinds of support so we don't anticipate the problems we had at getPHPbb.

And since this website is hosted professionally, we can share duties for this village so we won't be an undue strain on any one of the administrators.

We owe a huge debt to CEO (Cynthia Ewer, Organized) who helped get us to the point where we can move from a free, turn-key service to building our own forums. CEO was standing by ready to help us out however she could over the past month, just as she helped us move to our previous boards and we are pleased to continue to offer the supportive environment that has helped so many women grow into all they can be.

CEO started talking online about the SHE system back in 1991. Her 21 Essays to SHEs have inspired many women to embrace Peggy Jones and Pam Young's S.H.E. system. Their book Sidetracked Home Executives is subtitled From Pigpen to Paradise but it goes far beyond that.

The system frees us to be all we can be. I've seen tremendous growth in so many of my SHE sisters in the almost 10 years I've been part of the online SHE community. That growth is reflected well in CEO's introduction to the essays, where she describes herself:

That younger woman was a new bride of a young doctor, a home schooling mother, a civic volunteer--and only Pam Young and Peggy Jones' teachings kept her upright, on time and organized at home.

Today's CEO? Because of the success of OrganizedHome.Com, my life is very different. I'm a media expert, guest on ABC's The View, interviewed frequently and asked for cover copy for books on this topic--but only the strong foundation forged by my years as a S.H.E. enabled me to grow into the life I lead today.

So we welcome you to be a part of our little village. We all struggle to stay on track, to be organized and to lead our families by setting good examples. None of us is perfect, nor do we have a magic pill to straighten out homes or lives.

But together with the help and encouragement of our SHE sisters, we are all growing in who we are and the contributions we make to the world grow as a result.

Welcome to our home. We look forward to getting to know you.

Re: Welcome to our new (and final!) SHE Home!

Posted: Sat Jun 28, 2014 11:10 pm
by Kathryn-in-Canada
Here I am, six years later, welcoming you to our new home on the internet.

But, just as we had hoped, because we had more control over our data, the move was almost seamless for the average villager. And changes are being put in place to make any future moves even more seamless.

May we continue to enjoy our safe village for years to come.