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Formatting - creating links

Posted: Thu Jul 10, 2008 2:27 am
by Indiana
To create a link to another site enter the address of the site and highlight.

Click on URL and the link will become clickable.

The output will look like this:


There is another feature that you can use instead of the link. It is a clickable link.

Note: At this time we aren't using that feature. The glossy styles are not supporting a color change to indicate a clickable link. Until the glossy style supports a color change to indicate a clickable link we need to show the internet address so everyone will know.

It would look like this:

SHEs Organized

If you place your cursor over SHEs Organized it will show as a clickable link. But since it doesn't color change for the glossy styles it is confusing. I am looking into making it blue.

If you copy the address with the http://www then you do not need to highlight the address and click on the URL button.

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