Sizing Pictures Using MS Paint

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Sizing Pictures Using MS Paint

Postby Indiana » Thu Jul 10, 2008 2:34 am

How to make pictures smaller using MS Paint.

Most, if not all, Windows computers come with MS Paint on it.

I get to the program by clicking on the picture name itself and the picture displays in Windows Picture and Fax Viewer. The second icon from the right (between the disk and the question mark) opens up the picture in Paint. If it is a picture shot on a camera with megapixels, you won't see the whole picture on your screen. This is normal.

Step by step, here's how you resize:

1. Under File, Save As, save the file out with a new name. This will protect your original copy of the picture.

2. To check if the picture is under the 300 x 300 pixels we allow, now select Attributes from the Image menu. That confirms the number of pixels for width and height. Select OK or Cancel to get rid of this dialog box. If your picture is under 300 x 300, post it to the SHE boards as is. If not:

3. From the Image menu item at the top, select Stretch/Skew. A box will come up allowing you to change Stretch and the Skew. You want to change the stretch. There is a place to enter percentages. It comes up with 100%. With my camera, if I drop the percentages to 14%, that makes it the right size (but it will be different if your camera has more or fewer megapixels than mine.) Make sure you keep the horizontal and vertical stretch percentages equal or it will distort your image.

4. Once you've done this, click on OK and the picture will now appear quite small on your screen.

5. Recheck if the picture is under the 300 x 300 pixels we allow, by selecting Attributes from the Image menu to confirm the number of pixels for width and height. Select OK.

6. Save the file out as the new smaller version.

You are now ready to upload the photo onto the SHE Boards.

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