Returning to S.H.E.!

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Re: Returning to S.H.E.!

Postby DeeClutter » Mon Jan 21, 2019 12:11 pm

"Experts"? That probably is few of us. :lol: But we try. Glad you have had some good news! I do remember after our dd passed away almost 10 years ago now, that I thought I'd never have anything to smile about again. But after several months I realized I was beginning to smile again about several things. It's a good feeling, isn't it! Post away -and especially join us over in PWYC. You've been away a long time and we hope you'll be a frequent poster/visitor!
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Re: Returning to S.H.E.!

Postby Nancy » Mon Jan 21, 2019 2:02 pm


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Re: Returning to S.H.E.!

Postby lucylee » Mon Jan 21, 2019 4:48 pm

Welcome back, Catnipper!
I'm kinda in a modified version of the 3x5s myself. I have a checklist that I try to use to keep up with the dailies and basic good habits like exercise, and I have spaces on the checklist for * Weeklies * Monthlies * Paperwork * 365 Declutter. Those are in my 3x5s, except for the 365 Declutter, which I printed off from the internet.
Of course, if all the checklist does is sit untouched on my bathroom vanity... hmmm... it's not doing very much good at all, is it? And that's the state of things around here.

As everyone here in our little SHE village knows, my house is always "neat" and fairly well organized... mainly b/c dh is truly OCD about everything. He doesn't fuss about ANYTHING I do with any of my stuff... but if one person is the house is always putting things in their place, then it sorta rubs off on the other person. (Of course, it could lead to total rebellion on the part of the other person, which is exactly what happened to our ds, LOL... but he's 35 and married with two children now, so I try not to think about his own housekeeping habits at this point.)
OTOH, while everything is put away nicely here at my house... it is a HUGE problem for me to make myself do the weekly home blessing, or keep up with the zones, or anything like that.
So, I just muddle along, and seek inspiration from these wonderful ladies, and usually, I do get a spark of energy from seeing how hard everyone else is working!

So glad to have you join us!
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