notice board: CV myth news postings bebunked

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notice board: CV myth news postings bebunked

Postby Lynlee » Wed Apr 01, 2020 5:18 pm

I'm putting this here so you can easily find it again if needed. ... s/12105792
etc. Lots more myths busted in this article.

I am unable to find the article right now
It showed how those with an over active immune system had that immune system turn against them and healthy cells, killing them as well ass the infected.
Lung failure is the result, drowning in fluid.

Though - Au examples :-
A recent death of a sick 'healthy person' was unexpected as his lungs did not seem to be overwhelmed at the time. So other systems may be affected (that's my opinion so that bit may be false news.).
Some people have hours between feeling sick with a temp, and death. Like less than a day.

Please find the local definition of what is a 'temper' is, as the wicapedia entry I posted once giving a wide variation of normal, seems wrong. I think I registered surprise at the time.

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