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Re: Aug. 2014 Reading / Media

Postby FelineFriend » Fri Aug 29, 2014 11:07 pm

I bought 2 library books from the Friends of the Library sale shelves. They were $2 apiece.

I got "TREASURED FRIENDS - FINDING & KEEPING TRUE FRIENDSHIPS," by Ann Hibbard, @ in 1997. I went to Barnes 'n' Noble's site, put the book and author in the search engine. It said the author talks about making friendships, enhancing them, keeping them, and making them last. It said she talks from her personal experience and mistakes she made along the way and how she used scripture during her journey of getting friendships. :idea:

The other book was "DOUBLE TAKE", by Catherine Coulter. It's an FBI mystery. It's a thick book, so will take awhile to get through. I want to read the Treasured Friends book before the FBI mystery book. Also, my library book I got today, from on hold, was "SHIRLEY JONES: A MEMOIR, by Shirley Jones and another author. It's it other room, I forgot the other author's name, but she's a woman.

I think the Treasured Friends book will be a good one because it's got scripture in it and it sounds like her trials in finding good long-lasting friendships, teaches a lesson, based on her mistakes she learned from.
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