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Postby DeeClutter » Sun Aug 13, 2017 9:29 am

Well, have a serene Sunday, but if you have things that must be done today: SOCK IT TO 'EM and get 'er done.

We're nearly ready to leave for church. First time we've been back since dh's surgery, July 11th. He's really doing well, using ice less and less.

Think we'll have to make a W mart run after church today and then home. Looks like it'll be a nice day. Mid-70's and sunny.

One of our neighbors came over yesterday to give me some info on AARP U nited H ealth Care but all in all it almost sounds like it would be a lot more expensive than the B lue C ross/B lue Shield through dh's employer. We do have to change to something so we'll be covered in FL though. The one we've had for years & years just won't cut it down there. Hoping the BC/BS will. Will need to be checking that. Need to start making phone calls so we can change to which ever one we decide in October. And believe me I will be checking online for when that decision form comes out. Never got ours until mid-January this last year and it was sent out October 16th. Need to start finding our id and password for H arris C orp now. DH retired from Kodak but his Global Systems division has been sold twice now. First to ITT and then to H arris.
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Postby Lynlee » Sun Aug 13, 2017 9:41 am

Good morning Dee
I did get to church this morning.
Talked to a couple of folk. taichi oldie, and fellow classmate from 8mth program I did. Asked for some prayers.
Home and prepped to go visit dm.
bought a few bday gifts along the way. As 80+ person said, the flowers and food suggestion. Found some writing paper to go with that at home. It was a good visit. Made it home on dusk. Traffic behaved itself. I did a lot of praying along the way.
Just begin.
Living this day, today
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Postby Nancy » Sun Aug 13, 2017 9:44 am

woke up at 3 ack, yestersay got pens ordered got others & journals on sale too used up other pen tossed 2 dead ones refill no longer can get for em. Got zuchinni at yd sale. Painted acdeer on a stone. Got some info transferred to a diff journal.

Sorted new pens doubt I will ever use to donate.

Table is clear, cooler temps are good smoke is a bit better.

I too got sucked in to innernet window shopping also.

I think school is more important than sports but dd sil think foot ball / wrestling is the only thing keeping dgson in school these days.

Thinking of fall planning but to cozy to get up and actually do it. Music appreciation happening. h enjoyed demo derby I enjoyed a quiet house turned off the tv. :idea:

Resting up before the big week of payroll begins.
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Postby CathyS » Sun Aug 13, 2017 10:53 am


IF you saw my now deleted post on FBook... apparently I don't know how to do math or use a measuring tape. I didn't get 75 feet of book shelves. Although we did have enough room for 5 shelves wide with 3 shelves on each one, it didn't even come close to 75 feet. Dh thought it was funny because I keep telling him that I suck at math and numbers.

We hung 6 pictures in the bedroom yesterday. It actually looks warm and inviting in there now. We also put up 4 bird plates and 1 more bird picture in the living room. We scored at the thrift store yesterday with 2 plate hangers that both hold 2 plates and it matches the 5 plate holder in the kitchen. Now that all of those pictures got hung, the back hall is almost clear other than a huge stack of newspapers that we had been saving for either the gardens or to burn in the fire barrel. We are burning stuff today, so there is a push on to burn as much of it as possible.
"You know, how does it smell? How does it look? How shiny are my floors? Are my surfaces "touchably" clean? Am I actually removing the dirt from my house, or just spreading it around?" (Quote from a famous cleaning company) HA!

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Postby Harmony » Sun Aug 13, 2017 10:57 am

Dee, you probably already know this, but we have the AARP United Health Care F policy (supplement to medicare). We pay 185.10 each month for this for each of us. $370.20 automatically comes out of our bank account. Maybe you don't pay as much, but we have NO co-pays, NO deductibles (and they pick up the deductible Medicare puts on hospital stays, etc.) and the 20% or so medicare doesn't pay for services. DH's hip replacement cost him 0. And we are covered anywhere in the country and with this we have no problem getting any doctor to take our insurance.

I figured the odds are that one or both of us will have big medical bills along the way as we age and that might wipe us out. This takes care of that. It doesn't include any eye glasses or dental.

We have the cheapest drug policy also, which is Humana and we pay $17.00 each. Unless you're on something really expensive and new name brand, the coverage is pretty good. My ear drops were $4.00/bottle and the cash amount without ins. I noted was about $45.00. You can check drug lists with the various drug ins. companies to see what you would pay with each to pick a company.

Ok, I was very nervous as it got later and later last evening. By the time DGS was free to come it had gotten too late. But he is on his way now and should be here in 45 min or so.

Is nice having so much stuff done in the house. I still need to clean off the kitchen table, so I should go do that and put together the ziti I'm making for dinner that I'll bake later. DH wants to go to the beach...

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Postby BookSaver » Sun Aug 13, 2017 10:57 am

Good morning, villagers ~
Thanks for opening the thread with a great theme today, Dee. SOCK IT TO 'EM and get 'er done.

What I'd like to get done today:
* Finish clearing out the laundry room.
* Finish clearing out the stairwell.
* Test my new ShopVac to vacuum walls & floors in both areas.
* More decluttering in kitchen - a never-ending task, like Sisyphus rolling the boulder up the mountain.

Clearing the spaces is taking extra time because I'm making the effort to find better homes for various things. As mentioned before, I'm trying to do it right with permanent solutions rather than Stash 'n' Dash.

My week with the changed work hours at the library ended up being ok but very tiring. At one point on Friday I regretted agreeing to trade hours with the teenager, but then I reminded myself that the reason was so she could go on a road trip with her mother and grandmother. I think that if a 15-year-old girl still wants to spend that much time with her mother and grandmother, I'm happy to help make that happen.

I'm glad I rescheduled the delivery of washer & dryer to the 16th to be more prepared for strangers in the house. DH has still not started his part of the cleaning. I may be forced to nag. :(

The sewing group yesterday morning was frustrating. I had to leave the meeting early for work but I had hoped to see most of the program about quick & easy gifts to sew. Instead, the general announcements took half an hour. :| After 10 minutes I saw members in the back row pull out their phones to text and web surf. When they finally got to the interesting program part, of course it took the organizer a few minutes to get rolling. She said she and her panel were going to show 25 quick gift ideas. I stayed as long as I dared, but I was only able to see 3 items before I had to run out the door. I barely made it to work on time.

I need to find the BGS to get out of this chair and get moving. :)

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Postby Ramblinrose » Sun Aug 13, 2017 11:42 am


Another slow and easy day for me.

Like Harmony, I too have AARP supliment for my insurance and love it. Sweetie has Cigna. His is cheaper because he doesn't need much and doesn't care what doc he sees. I on the other hand, use AARP, united health, because my meds and migraine dr is covered by it. I never pay a deductible, which is still so strange to me, and it is accepted wherever I go.

All I can tell you Dee is to make sure your meds and drs are covered by whatever plan you choose. Not all do. That's what made my choice easy.

Harriet... I am waiting for my brother to tell me when to come home. My dsil is a teacher and goes back to school in a few weeks so my guess is I'll be heading home sometime around Labor Day
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Postby Harriet » Sun Aug 13, 2017 12:35 pm

Okay, good to know. I want to send you an epistle :) and I sure don't want to wait to send it when you are there and have so many different things going on in a different place.

lucylee, I was going to nag ... um... i mean... suggest ... that Hardee's might not be the best place for him and then I thought - no, certainly not! - I shouldn't be so picky and tedious, because the poor thing's card was stolen, but, see, now I feel free. :) I'm just in a helpful mood.

Church was unusual in that the crowd was remarkably low, and also we had 4 song leaders because our tenor came for rehearsal. Dd chose between our specialties (lol) and she helped lead as soprano for contemporary songs and I for the Psalm and traditional hymn. I suppose I should say, we chose based on what intimidates us each the least!

She and dstepson are off to buy a dorm fridge/freezer off Craig's List.

HRH is feeling lousy and we don't know why - no fever. Yesterday he was feeling so well he mowed the whole lawn and was teasing everybody. Today he doesn't want to leave the couch. He's eating rice only. Hmmm... ...

Next up, I need to cut up some strawberries, then frost the cake layers, "stacking" strawberries within the frosting on the inside 2. Dd will make "roses", or whatever plan she has, and decorate it when she gets home.

Then some serious kitchen floor cleaning.

Then lasagna - one my traditional recipe and one the same with a layer of carrots, no meat. I don't have time to get much fancier than that.

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Postby lucylee » Sun Aug 13, 2017 2:04 pm

Sock it to 'em. Indeed.
(I'm just kidding y'all -- I'm not mad at any of you, and I agree that you all make valid points in J&C! I just respectfully disagree, at this point in time.)
But, go ahead, join in the nagging and suggesting, Harriet. (See J&C.)

Dh IS sooo strict with himself for the great majority of the time; he just can't seem to give up his Saturday morning breakfast from Hardee's.

the reason was so she could go on a road trip with her mother and grandmother. I think that if a 15-year-old girl still wants to spend that much time with her mother and grandmother, I'm happy to help make that happen.

Yes, BookSaver. Yes.

Hope HRH feels better soon!

Well... I'm pouting a little here, b/c dh has United Healthcare as a supplement to Medicare, and we definitely do have co-pays. Some of his meds are still relatively expensive, and we have paid over $100 for each of his hospital stays. Co-pays at doctor's office vary from $13-$18, depending on which doctor/NP we see.
I'm not even sure how much they take out of his SS (or my retirement) for insurance -- it has increased every year since I retired. Since I am not on Medicare yet, mine is higher, I'm sure, and mine is still backed by BCBS. I think I usually pay $6 per rx, if it is available as a generic. They told me the antihistamine the NP prescribed last Thursday was not covered, but it was only $12 out of pocket anyway.

I'm waving to all!

We went to church, stayed for a few minutes fellowship snacks/farewell to organist, who is leaving us after 11 years. Ate lunch, did most of the normal Sunday "chores," wrote a "congratulations on your anniversary" note to longtime teacher friends (his children are compiling a book of memories) ... emailed ds the info re: this event... and I will be leaving for the baby shower in about 20 minutes. I hope I do not end up staying so long at it as I did the one yesterday. (I seriously doubt that will happen, b/c none of my aunts/cousins will be there. ;) It's very hard for me to leave them when we start talking.)

Must pay newspaper man... get garbage out... Wmart tonight... cook supper tonight...
Must check on dmom later also.
:lol: LOL! :!: Dmom looks like someone socked it to her, I'm sure. :lol: She said yesterday her mouth was a little sore, and she expects to stay on mostly liquids until Tuesday at least, but "my teeth are beautiful," she said, and "I'll never have a tooth ache again!" She sounds quite pleased with the whole process. I don't think I could ever get used to dentures, but I guess lots and lots of people do, so who knows?
Tomorrow is another day.

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Postby Lilac » Sun Aug 13, 2017 3:19 pm

Have been so busy that I haven't had time to post or cuop.
So we are headed back to Wichita. By the time we got to Wichita last Monday, at 3 and a half days old, they had moved dggs out of the NICU and into a room with 2 other babies and a nurse. He is doing great. He has had his IV out for 3 days. He hasn't latched on, so they are bottle feeding him breast milk that mommy pumps. Took the feeding tube out today. They will soon be moving him out of the isolet into a baby bed. He is doing so well that they plan to send him home
at 4 lbs.
He can hold his head up and controls it. Dgd21, Dh and I couldn't believe what we were seeing. So he did it several times. I think he wants to go to this place mommy calls home.
Dgd21 is doing great, health wise and being a mommy.
So sorry I didn't post last week, was very hectic.
I have to redo every other word due to the rough road, so better quit.

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