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Postby blessedw2 » Thu Oct 12, 2017 9:41 pm

hi d Sunny I always liked Jimmy Stewart and Gary Grant too! I am glad that the gas prices are coming down.

good evening d sunny, dharriet, d kathryn, d harmony, d granny, d sunny, d cathy
and good night all.

dirty dishes in dishwasher, showered and read for bed.

sweet dreams all.
it is always a joy to be here with you!

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Postby lucylee » Thu Oct 12, 2017 9:57 pm

Yes... I love Jimmy Stewart too. And Gary Cooper. And Gregory Peck.
It's A Wonderful Life is my all-time favorite Christmas movie.
And Pride of the Yankees & To Kill a Mockingbird are other favorites.

Went to the Homecoming parade. Dear, dear friend (former co-worker) was grand marshal and I got to talk with her for a while before her ride arrived. DGS and his classmates rode in a little train (big enough for their moms to ride too) and he enjoyed that very much. He got to sit by the little girl he had told his mom he wanted to sit with. ;) They both sat by their teacher. :D

Also cooked supper, cleaned up the kitchen, walked 2 miles this morning. Does that count for my three today?
Also went to drug store w/dh.

Did I tell y'all -- this is embarrassing -- :oops: when ds & ddil came in this morning to get dgd, they found me ASLEEP in the floor while she was playing there beside me in the "baby" room. * sigh * I'm shocked that ddil wasn't upset, but she has just laughed about it. They said they started to take dgd and just leave and let me wake up and wonder what had happened, but I woke up. I had read stories and played ball and I just couldn't hold my eyes open anymore. More of the same tomorrow, I guess. :oops: I should shower before bed, too. Once dgd arrives tomorrow, who knows what the day may hold?

Harmony -- hang in there with that difficult customer. Y'all are going over and above what any reasonable person should expect. (((BIG HUGS))) for you and Mr. Harmony!

Glad Ken in C is home!
Tomorrow is another day.

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Postby Harmony » Thu Oct 12, 2017 11:54 pm

Yes, there are worse things happening than on our job, namely those wildfires in California. How awful.

Sunny, what offices are closing, is it the labs or is it DH's doctor?

I got enough finished that I feel comfortable. All the floors are scrubbed and rinsed. I took an old toothbrush to the grout in the laundry room. It looks better in here. My gosh what a job.

Got the guest bed remade and that room tidied up for DSiL who came shortly after 9:30. I was just in from the store, got a couple meals to prepare and breakfast things (we don't usually cook for ourselves except once in a while on a Sunday morning). I was surprised in the store how many families and kids were in the supermarket after 9:00.

Man, I had to take a pain killer. My back is very stiff and sore. It's bad when I can't even clean the house without that. Have a good night everybody!

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