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Re: Find Your Fit Friday

Postby CathyS » Fri Jan 11, 2019 8:08 pm


Saw coverage of that bus crash that Kathryn is talking about. Oh my goodness!! Glad to hear that Kathryn and Ken are both home and safe.

We had a homemade tourtiere tonight. I'm almost 100% certain that it wasn't made right. It didn't smell or taste like tourtiere. A friend of dh's made it for him and it's been in the freezer for a while.

Moved more books around. The 2 bookshelves in the corner of the living room behind the glider got all sorted out. I have all the books I bought when I was traveling with x. I also have a really nice selection of books on Niagara, the falls, Ontario and Canada. All together in one corner. Of course there were a few duplicates.

Dh has a fire going in the fireplace for the first time since November, so I am going to join him in front of the TV.
"You know, how does it smell? How does it look? How shiny are my floors? Are my surfaces "touchably" clean? Am I actually removing the dirt from my house, or just spreading it around?" (Quote from a famous cleaning company) HA!

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Re: Find Your Fit Friday

Postby Kathryn-in-Canada » Fri Jan 11, 2019 9:07 pm

The crash coverage is pretty consuming. Roads were/are closed all around us since hundreds of buses go through there each hour during rush hour and they were moved onto city streets, but roads were closed near the station for the emergency vehicles.

Over 2 dozen casualties. Multiple deaths and multiple severe injuries to the trauma centre plus several others spread to our secondary hospitals like ds's.

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Re: Find Your Fit Friday

Postby Lynlee » Fri Jan 11, 2019 9:20 pm

Condolences to all Canadians affected by that crash.
Thanks too for the prompt offer of asylum to the girl in Thailand.

My new to me (again) paring back of checklist, and new headings that can fit the year in a half page block, of have a heading/task name change if that one doesn't work, seems to be working for me.
Friday night I even met my bed time goals. Maybe being better rested will have me fit for much more to come.

Friday highlights
rdg and response. LOL/washing. dishes caught up.
helper was late, new to me, and company for table clearance. Table now clear and clean.
Things got sorted, though all are not in their final places. that is the 'tricky bit' for me.

read and napped.
Yard - looked at what was done. Lamented my ground cover grown to keep weeds down is now gone. Hoping it will eventually grow back. The lilly or orchard that had 'appeared, that I'd edged with protecting logs is gone.
The price of getting help.
I used a daisy digger on dandilions by the carport. Some things just need digging out.
walked 3k. started dinner cooking pre 7pm/ dusk.
LR Lights out Down the hall by 9.30 target. success. bbr. day review. read a not to exciting book.
Lights off at 11. :D

tmeds@6. back to bed to read. dress and make bed. start cereal seeds cooking, rdg and response.

chat nline support mtg.

My day awaits. Missed that bus. There are other opportunities.
Just begin.
Living this day, today
Take a reality check; Remember to breathe; Do what I am able to do.
Look for the good in all.

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Re: Find Your Fit Friday

Postby lucylee » Fri Jan 11, 2019 9:28 pm

Oh my, Kathryn! Prayers for all those involved in the crash. I know you must have been scared to death till you heard from Ken.

We’re having a good night but oh my goodness... dgs says “okay?” after practically every sentence — and expects an affirmative “okay” in return! He’s playing a (board) football game and after every play, we must respond. It is exhausting, LOL!
Tomorrow is another day.

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