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Donna's Lifestyle
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Postby Donna's Lifestyle » Fri Mar 15, 2019 12:31 pm

Have had internet problems, the past few days due to repair work in area,have to admit we were warned of possibility so instead of fuming over it
have put my energy into some serious decluttering,this morning put two large bags of trash out for pickup, and have 3 boxes of stuff to go to goodwill.
So my fare for today is to hopefully continue, but like blessedw2 I have been falling down the computer rabbit hole :roll: So going to climb out, and hopefully not fall in again, or at least not as far as has been the case this morning :lol:
Hope to be back later:)

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Twins' Mom
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Postby Twins' Mom » Fri Mar 15, 2019 12:56 pm

I need to make a DPC and after that I'll go see dmom. Dh was talking to an out of town friend/client who has a good friend who has lived with Trigeminal Neuralgia for a long time, so dh helpfully (not!) got her contact info. I am in a couple of online support groups and really feel that is enough but no, he has nagged me all week about calling this woman. :roll: So I called yesterday, her cell phone mailbox was full and I got the message machine at her home so I left a message. She called me back after I had already headed to bed last night and left a message - she is on the west coast, I think. I know it won't be as bad as I think but I just hate phone calls, especially like this. :shock:

Maybe I'll call for a hair appt first, then do this other call.

While dcleaning lady was working I went upstairs and stamped a bit. She is quite talkative sometimes and i needed a break.
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Postby LadyMaverick » Fri Mar 15, 2019 2:43 pm

Today has progressed smoothly.

** DS10 was up and ready for homeschool on time with no help. This gives him a huge empowering feeling of being successful. That is a great way to start the day.
** DGD7 slept in and came stumbling out of her bedroom saying "I woke up before I got up". That statement made me smile. I told DGD7 that she would be sleepwalking if she didn't wake up before she got up.
** DH is working on a volunteer project for life long DFriends. The wife is struggling to get up the steps to enter/exit their home while using her walker. Now they are looking at her being in a wheelchair. So DH and another friend have teamed up to build a ramp for them. Yesterday they poured concrete for the ramp supports. Today they are building the long wood ramp.
** The 1000 CD's were delivered today (for recording church services). The CD's arrived in 10 separate boxes (100 CD's in each box). Then the 10 boxes were shipped in 3 large cardboard boxes with packing stuffing all around them. I was able to fit all 1000 CD's in one box by removing all the extra stuff and cardboard. I'm still waiting on the 1000 labels and 1000 CD envelopes. They were supposed to arrive together.
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Postby Harmony » Fri Mar 15, 2019 2:49 pm

Another quiet day here. I've been just puttering around, but after a while all that little bits of work starts to show.

I went through a couple files and pared down the papers in those and ended up with a whole trashcan (one of those wire ones) to dump. DH took apart the shredder and looked at it, nothing obvious to fix, so that went out to the garbage. The bottom bin part is still here and I can't think of any place to use that so that'll go out too.

Little bits of de-cluttering I've been doing is really beginning to show nicely. It's looking way neater around here. I even found a way to get rid of most of my notes I keep on the bulletin board at my desk. I put them all with their appropriate folders, stapled to the front, etc. some in the card file, and now my desk area doesn't look so "busy". That busy look annoys me.

I think often of what I'd get rid of if I ever had to move and have lots of ideas. Outside of office and tools I don't think I'd have rooms full of boxes packed. Well, maybe a part of a small room.

But glad Sunny is getting hers done to her satisfaction. And the new buyer sounds like he's a real handy guy.

Did some extra cleaning in the kitchen, so that is looking pretty good.

Donna, hope your internet keeps working.

Dee, I keep my thyroid med separate from my others. I fill 2 very small daily organizers and have them beside my bed and I take mine when I sit up in the morning. I have another pill that's the same size almost and I don't want to get them mixed up. Hope you're feeling better, and I'd suggest you should put that oxy somewhere safe and keep because they're awfully hard to get if you should ever need one.

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Postby Harriet » Fri Mar 15, 2019 3:10 pm

For my 2 cents, I would agree. If they're not out of date, store, but in a different safe place. In your household, you have no concern about children, and you never know when a need could arise quickly. Get rid of them when they're out of date.

HRH did get to go on his planned errands with his friend. I know they enjoyed the auto parts place, which had better prices than either of them had found on recent needs for vehicles and lawn mowers. Said they had a good lunch. They had a window of time between downpours and didn't have to rush.

Twins, last night was our night for a full-fledged thunderstorm, as if summertime. Good gravy! If the sideways pelting rain (sleet?) didn't wake us, the flashes of light and the noise certainly did.

Grateful to have taken ToddlerC out yesterday to cut daffodils for her mother while they were still upright and pretty. They are hammered down now. I fear the white jonquils at the back door are, as well, and they hadn't even bloomed yet.

Took the hens on a walk-about (scratch about?) yesterday at dusk, which was their last chance for a few days. I can't possibly even let them out of the henhouse today - it's hopeless ducks-only weather, and none of us fit the bills (pun - best I can do).

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Postby DeeClutter » Fri Mar 15, 2019 3:40 pm

Yes, I do keep my thyroid med right next to my glass of water so I can take it when I get up. But somehow I must have put this bottle on the desk (which is just across from the bed) when I got ready for bed last night & evidently pushed my regular bottle back. Yes, Harriet, it's already gone to a 'resting' place -the oxycodone that is. It may have expired in which case I'll take it to the police department or possibly W algreens. I almost think they take expired meds. Will have to check that.

Have to go find my gift card for Long Horne. Thought I put it with my wallet but evidently not.

Just called insurance company to pay our insurance on our golf cart. The bill just came today. Think it showed up on the USPS "informed delivery" almost 2 weeks ago. So had to wait for it to come by forwarding. Sometimes takes a long time. Also got an invitation to a baby shower the end of April. Thankfully dniece sent it to this address as it's for both dd and myself. We won't be there so will do something else for a gift. Thinking probably an A River gift card since she's signed up there -or maybe I can look and have it sent to dniece's home. We'll look tomorrow.
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Postby Elizabeth » Fri Mar 15, 2019 4:20 pm

Hi everyone! I'm glad it's payday Friday, even though I already sent mine off to bills. Weather in Work City is back to normal and I am at payroll. I have uploaded some report mods and taking a break before starting others. I also had to contend with 57 work emails! Most required no action. A few I had to deal with including one to help someone with taxes. To reduce her tax burden, a donor wanted to send her required minimum distribution to the animal org. That has been set up. She adopted my foster, Scarface, about twelve years ago.

Tonight is dance class. Maybe grocery store. Still need to work on getting current info into my estate planning folder. Also need to plan an outing with friends.

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Postby Nancy » Fri Mar 15, 2019 6:06 pm

I have done a couple of things I had been putting off, I brought in the last chicken lite, hoping I can use it for a full stuctum plant grow light.
I also got the last box of stuff put away I had done stash and dash from medicine cabinets for realtor tours.
Tossed an old thread-bare sheet. I am plugging away at the table and got the planting containers bagged up. Dinnner was good.
Snow is 75% to 80 % melted off now.

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Postby lucylee » Fri Mar 15, 2019 9:29 pm

Quiet day here. Our day trip yesterday just wiped us both out. I slept all day, practically, but finally s2s and cooked supper and s/s the kitchen. Dh put away the dishes, but he still feels awful. I am improving steadily with the sinus thing — I’m just tired.

Talked to ds on the phone and dmom.
Went to post office and drug store drive-thru.

Just wanted to say hi to everyone!
Tomorrow is another day.

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Postby Kathryn-in-Canada » Fri Mar 15, 2019 11:30 pm

Long day here.

Slept less than perfectly. We're in a firm memory foam bed and I ended up with a headache.

Got going fairly well. Shower is neat, two shower heads, but the water temperature is variable.

Excellent breakfast.

Walked to the museum and enjoyed the children's area and the gift shop. We'll go back on Sunday for the planetarium show.

Could not book an Uber, they are not in this city despite what Uber said, so we got a taxi to Dh's aunt's. Had a great lunch, then went for a long walk while others rested, then a great dinner.

Took the ride share car back to the hotel. Uber is not here but there is a local ride sharing equivalent.

We're heading to bed now.

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