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Re: "Honey, I'm home" Sunday

Posted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 7:14 pm
by Nancy
Cnn heads up.

I have done a rock drop fed hens.

Re: "Honey, I'm home" Sunday

Posted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 7:48 pm
by Sunny
Good evening everyone! We had a pleasant day here; no clouds in the beautiful blue sky, temp in the low 80s.

Well, dh is home again. We got home late Friday afternoon with lots of papers to read over, two new RXs and two pages of exercises - all that he was doing in PT. Yesterday a nurse came to do the initial evaluation and they will have someone come once a week to do an INR check, which will be phoned in to the cardio office. Today a physical therapist came to do the initial PT check. He will have someone come twice a week for PT for four weeks then once a week for four weeks, which brings us to the end of the year.

Knowing these people were coming inspired me to get busy and get caught up on things I had left undone for two weeks. House looks pretty good now all dusted and mopped. I've had to close doors to rooms where we have our packed boxes though. It will be easy now to keep it spiffed up while home health people come in. Dh says he's not looking forward to this, but knows he needs it.

Dee...I'm so glad you and dh are home again here safe and sound!

Sorry to hear about Lady M's dsil's church; and Harriet's church - just smh! And now the church in Texas! So sad!

I finally remembered this afternoon to turn our clocks back one hour. Now it is dark even earlier.

Re: "Honey, I'm home" Sunday

Posted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 8:12 pm
by LadyMaverick
So glad to see Dee and Sunny are both home.

I have very strong emotions about what happened in the news today. I'm trying to stay away from news from all sources. There is little I can do other than pray. deleting my other comments.....

It is time for me to gear up for the week.

Re: "Honey, I'm home" Sunday

Posted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 8:42 pm
by Harriet
Thank you for the heads up Nancy. Sadness. Processing, if I can.

ds and children came over. As usual, so spoiled by HRH, cookies and little toys. Nothing I can do with him. If he had a 3-tiered cake, they would have it all set in front of them. Also as usual, they want to watch recent cartoons but HRH is convinced they should be exposed to higher, more classic entertainment. Shakiest Gun in the West today, lol. Our green-eyed boy did actually get a little interested. Ds asked for the name and he will play it for them at home sometime, or my better recommendation of Ghost and Mr. Chicken.

ds got his dress photo taken for work today. He had quite a story of a Heimlich manuver saving a life, thank heaven.

Happy to hear that Mr. Sunny is home.

Re: "Honey, I'm home" Sunday

Posted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 9:18 pm
by Nancy
Yw for the heads up.
Our team did not win.
I am enjoying Penelope Kieth's Hidden Villages on PBS.
My leg is aching it is pouring down rain out side. It snowed all around us.
Got eggs boiled, peeled on for hubby's lunch.
Been thinking of cobbler aprons and dress that wrap around U with 3 arm holes seems like there was a cobbler apron of that style.

Re: "Honey, I'm home" Sunday

Posted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 9:36 pm
by Harriet
Nancy, I know of Butterick 4699 called "the two-way wrap dress". One pattern piece. Hard to find the pattern these days, of course - that one would be 50 years old, hard to believe. But you can see it online and maybe figure out how to make something similar with another pattern as a basis. Here's the way the pattern lays out.
I think it is cut on the fold. edit I mean, pinned on the fold! About the cobbler apron - thinking. Maybe this one was considered like an apron too, since it's made with bias binding.

Or Simplicity 1133 is similar but not really 3 armholes like the other. It seems to be available a few places now.

Re: "Honey, I'm home" Sunday

Posted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 11:52 pm
by lucylee
Whew -- finally home!
Well, that's not really true -- I've been home a couple of times during the day -- actually took a long nap after lunch. Then went to dcousin's first birthday party. Remember the baby whose mom didn't know she was pregnant till a couple months before he was born? That cousin. DS, DDIL, and dgrands all went with me. These are the cousins who live in sight of ds/ddil, and practically ignore them until there is a gift giving occasion (and backed out at the last minute on the babysitting commitment. :roll: ) But I was real proud of ddil; she is not angry -- just said she would not be asking cousin to do anything, and would not depend on her for anything in the future. But we all had a nice time at the party, and -- as usual -- everything was just perfect (food, decorations, etc. -- It's a big thrill for me to go to her parties, just to see what all she can do with the theme.)

This year she had a football theme, and lots of stuff that was specific to College Town -- for example, we have a tradition of rolling the trees at the main intersection in College Town after wins. They rolled their own tree! She had the sugar wafer cookies dipped in white and milk chocolate to look like referees. Just all kinds of little things to make it special.

Dmom did not come, of course. I don't think she was invited -- but if not, it was just b/c dcousin knew she most likely would not come. I'm sure if I had asked her to come with me, and she had been willing, dcousin would have been thrilled to have her. Dcousins brothers were not there, and neither was our uncle. More on that in J&C.

After returning home from the party, I talked to dmom on the phone, cooked supper, cleaned up the kitchen, and we went to Wmart.
Back home, groceries put away, finally -- able to call the night my own. :P

Speaking of J&C... yes... the church in Texas is weighing on my mind tonight. I haven't even watched the news -- just saw the headlines online.
It is a scary world we live in these days. Are we going to need armed guards at the entrances to our sanctuaries? (Actually, I know some churches already do that!) :o

Sad for your dsisil's church, LadyM. That sort of thing happened to us once when I was a teenager. Actually, I think the deacons ASKED our preacher not to return that night to complete his two-week notice, after he gave us such a scathing sermon of condemnation that morning (for the perceived mistreatment of his wife. Most of the disagreements stemmed from arguments re: decorating the newly-built parsonage, as I remember.)

(((Harriet))) for continued "want of sense" (as my grandmother would say) in your church... just smh...

OTOH -- I have another church funny from dgs to lighten the mood here.
I'm trying to get him to pay attention to at least part of the sermon each week, since we don't have children's church in our service (only in the contemporary service, and that is understandable, b/c dgs is usually the only child in the traditional service.) Okay, so he does amazingly well with picking up little details. But it is so funny how children mis-hear things. Today was All Saints Sunday, and the pastor was talking about remembering those who had passed away in the PAST YEAR.
DGS told me, when I asked on the way to the party -- "Yes, I remembered that he said we should think about those who had lost family and friends in the PASTURE."
I was ROFLOL. (I explained what the preacher really said, btw.)

So glad Mr. Sunny can finally say, "Honey, I'm home!"

Waving to ALL!!! Hope you have a great week, starting the first full week of November, and adjusting to the return to "God's Time," as dh would say. I'm really indifferent to the time change, especially now that I am retired. I like long days, but I hate losing an hour in the spring, and re-setting all the clocks. (I think I left out three clocks dh had to change last night, in addition to the ones I mentioned.)

Re: "Honey, I'm home" Sunday

Posted: Mon Nov 06, 2017 1:29 am
by Nancy
Harriettrhe 1st link was what I was thinking of. One gal was doing it for her mom a stroke victim. I may try doing one as the apron I maybe next year doubt it will happen before the holidays.

Getting my meds schedule changed over with the time change.