Wednesday's Wonders

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Re: Wednesday's Wonders

Postby CathyS » Wed Nov 08, 2017 11:53 am


Skipped knitting group today. I just haven't felt like being around people for the past couple of days.

Messy Friend sat beside me on Monday at knitting. I swear, as soon as she opens her mouth, she starts with the lying. She asked what I had been doing lately and I said something about going to Bass Pro Shops the other day and looking at fishing rods. So she said her late husband "Had 25, 50 fishing rods." Whatever. She asked if I had seen my daughter lately. I said we hadn't but we had bought my dd one of her Christmas gifts when we were at Bass Pro the other day. Told her it was a bow and arrow. "I had 2,3 crossbows when I was younger" before I even mentioned that it wasn't a crossbow. Well.... "Crossbows are much better, you should take it back and get her a crossbow!!' I said she asked for a regular bow, not a crossbow. ~sigh~ The conversation didn't get any better. Thankfully everyone else started leaving, so she got ready to leave. I just sat there until I was almost the last one to go. I've stayed in the house other than going out with dh the other night. UGH! I hate toxic people.

Any way... dishes are soaking in the sink.

The cat has been very cuddly today and purring at deliciously high volumes. Which is good, because the CD player stopped working again.

Dinner tonight is something with ground beef. Either hamburgers or meatloaf.

Bed is made and living room is tidy.
"You know, how does it smell? How does it look? How shiny are my floors? Are my surfaces "touchably" clean? Am I actually removing the dirt from my house, or just spreading it around?" (Quote from a famous cleaning company) HA!

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Re: Wednesday's Wonders

Postby BookSaver » Wed Nov 08, 2017 11:54 am

Well, alrighty ... It's a good thing I opened the package that was left at the back door yesterday. I would have been concerned if I'd gone to the post office and the 2nd box wasn't there. Turns out that even though the messages said the order would be shipped in 2 boxes, they ended up putting everything into the 1 box. Not a UPS confusion but instead done at A-river. :?

I was happy to get a copy of this book at half price. ... UTF8&psc=1
I've checked it out from the library several times and finally decided it would be good to have my own copy. My plan is to make some of the projects using pages from old books, possibly combined with origami papers or decorated with color markers and glitter.

Hi blessedw2!

Dee ~ I have 1 of those big tan Aldi bags in my car to hold an extra-long heavy duty extension cord and multi-outlet strip. It used to be for camping but in recent years I've used it so often for sewing group events that it lives in my car now. I have a couple of light green Aldi bags that are half the size of the tan one, and I've used them a long time. They are a kind of cloth that would shred to pieces if I tried to put them through the washer. One advantage of them being so worn is that the cashier always knows that I brought them with me so there's no confusion about paying for them again. They are so dirty, though, that I only put canned goods and household supplies in them, never fresh fruits & veg. I will be glad to have bags that are easier to clean.

Nancy's Office in a Bag: I have a small makeup bag which I move from tote to tote depending on which group's meeting I'm going to attend. It is a bright plaid mix of colors so it's easy to find in a larger tote bag. It holds a miniature stapler and tiny box of staples, staple remover, tiny ziploc bag of paper clips, small child's safety scissors, black marker, 1 pen, 1 pad of post-it notes, a couple business cards, a few rubber bands, and several binder clips in different sizes.

In my purse I always have my small calendar planner, a few pens, a mechanical pencil with eraser, calculator, a few 3x5 cards, and a teeny tiny zipper makeup bag that holds a little pocket knife (which also has tiny scissors and screwdriver), leads for the pencil, P51 can opener tool, 2 paper clips, 2 binder clips, 2 bobby pins, and 2 bandaids. It is surprising how many times I've used each of these items, even the P51 can opener.

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Re: Wednesday's Wonders

Postby Elizabeth » Wed Nov 08, 2017 12:14 pm

Good morning! I got that WTF minutes and notes done last night. Didn't get a whole lot else done, but that was the biggest essential. Tonight is the animal org board meeting, so I had no choice. I did get sidetracked onto jigsaws, but left it unfinished. I may or may not work on it tonight. My jacket smells like bacon because of the dinner I cooked for DD15. I cook a package at a time and freeze it. DD wanted to know the "bacon limit". Apparently, the x limits bacon to three pieces. I asked her if her doctor limited her bacon. No? Then I won't either. The x is very controlling of her diet, even though she has a thyroid disorder and is expected to eat more than other kids her age.

Another bad day for geezer kitty. I will get the pepcid and see if that helps. I don't want to do anything final during DD's finals week. Her last final is Monday. I should know if things are ok by then. Tuesday, I will not be able to see her due to another commitment. I guess we can talk about it next Thursday. Hate this.

We had quite an adventure in carpool yesterday. D's car had to pull over twice on the way in for mechanical issues. They stopped when he got below 30 mph, so we only lost 10 minutes. Getting home was uneventful. He had a different car today, even though it was M's turn to drive. We may be getting a new carpooler - the new deputy CIO.

I can assure BookSaver that any resemblance of Worst Things First to another phrase is entirely deliberate. Though in my house that other phrase is pronounced "What the phooey!"

I'll be getting back to my contracts now.

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Re: Wednesday's Wonders

Postby blessedw2 » Wed Nov 08, 2017 12:15 pm

Hi Book!!! ~ so good you looked in the box!

Hi d Cathy!!! ((())) she is definitely toxic. There must be something in her that she feels she needs to compete because her life isn't what she wants but has to pretend. It makes it very hard to be around her. I am sorry you had to sit next to her at knitting. She is making it so you don't want to be at this fun event. D mom in law left a choir group for the same reason.

HI d Elizabeth!!! I get it.. worst things first - clever. I never would have thought that. It's good that you get the worst job done first - it takes away the stress.

I am going to go to s bucks - I know I should not but I won't too 8-) :D I will be back lol fingers crossed.
done - I officially feel like I spoiled myself.

so far:
dishes emptied from dw
refilled with breakfast dishes and a few strays from last night
counters washed
tossed a few things from refrigerator

stomach is in knots... not sure why -
but I put christmas music on

Next: manage clutter in kitchen
it is always a joy to be here with you!

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Re: Wednesday's Wonders

Postby Harriet » Wed Nov 08, 2017 1:00 pm

Hi, everyone.

Little successes - scale is content, breakfast again includes some favorites due to yesterday's intentional shopping, so check-off chart looks good already today. If I make my wild-brown rice blend in the Instant Pot today and maybe consider a serious greens smoothie or large salad, I could vie for a completely full check-off column, since Wednesday is an exercise day.

We needed to get more trash and recyclables out yesterday but it poured rain - don't know how much I'll regret that.

Local election in our area for 6 seats, marred by the creation of a 4-candidate "bloc" or "slate", has been a mixed bag. Only one of the 4 was defeated. At least that may cause some difficulty in their plans to just run the show. The guy (to use a nice word) who paid for all their supersized ads sadly did get the last seat, with the least votes of all who won. There was less than 3/10ths of a point difference between him and the next (regular) candidate, who under normal circumstances would have made it. Sigh. Maybe, just maybe, a message was sent to that guy's proteges that he's not to be followed blindly. The one woman running - on her own merit, normally - got the most votes so will run the meetings sometimes, confounding their plans more, I hope.

A-River delivery chat - we have suddenly got serious problems here. 2 deliveries have never happened and the reason given is that they "can't deliver". (They are toys - you don't have to even sign for toys ... ???) The last message says the address (and then my exact address given, where they have sent things since the first time they ever heard from me) is in question - can't be found, needs to be corrected... ... uh oh.
Can I trust them in future? yipes, I need to.

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Re: Wednesday's Wonders

Postby BookSaver » Wed Nov 08, 2017 1:23 pm

Harriet, I wonder if your local delivery office could check out the problem and advocate -- after all, frequent deliveries create job security for your local people. Then if the problem actually IS with the local delivery service (new hire maybe?) it will give that manager the opportunity to update their training materials.
Unless your house has developed an inconveniently random cloaking device ...

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Re: Wednesday's Wonders

Postby blessedw2 » Wed Nov 08, 2017 1:32 pm

cleaned under kitchen sink... my cleaning rags had babies - maybe because I never used them 8-)
everything that was there that should not have been have been put away to their proper places

hi d harriet! Little successes are actually big successes! wonderful that your check-off chart is looking good already!
At least that may cause some difficulty in their plans to just run the show
yes no one wants a group that becomes too powerful and not listen to all sides.

re UPS (my brothers andmy old town for a couple years) delivers to the hardware store where one has to pick up the package. I used the post office a lot when I lived there. Silly they can't deliver - do they have a pick up spot in another town? Hope it works out.

dh is fussing about the insurance and wants me to fuss and be stressed as well... i had to tell him that right now I need to stay clear of the stress of it until I do paperwork again. He doesn't do the work - my brother and I do but dh is stressed about loosing all of his doctors. it's making my stomach in knots as well.

Next my cookbook hoard cupboard
it is always a joy to be here with you!

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Re: Wednesday's Wonders

Postby Nancy » Wed Nov 08, 2017 2:29 pm

Going to try a top bound idea for day planning for 2018. Being a lefty I dislike rings and discs getting in my way.

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Re: Wednesday's Wonders

Postby Harmony » Wed Nov 08, 2017 2:39 pm

Hello everybody. My wonder this Wednesday is that I AGAIN woke up extra early. Was not in a rush to get out to appointment this morning. For some reason I am doing well with the clock change. Other years I have not.

My appointment was with the ear dr. I really like this guy. I still have my problem. Don't know what they call it, but it is a dry, peeling skin that gets inflamed way down deep in my ear. I am using a drop every other day and more often if it feels itchy. He says he has another customer who has been trying to heal the same for over a year. At least the infection is gone. I asked him if it's the same as my old dry skin I'm constantly putting moisturizers on and he said yes except for the inflammation.

Stopped at library on the way home. I didn't need any new books to read as I have 2 left from the last visit, but I didn't want to run out and it's right on my way. I know what I'm doing with the books...putting something else in my mind than all our recent problems... sorta like hiding from the problems... and I know that could get excessive like an addiction, so I try to read only a chapter at a time then get up and do something. Well it's better than a nervous breakdown!

Harriet, sounds like an excuse to me (the delivery service). :roll:

Called DD on the way home to find out about the holidays. See it makes more sense for us to go up there, as DGS is already traveling 3 1/2 hours from college to get there... but she does not like to have company at her house because she does not have time or whatever to get her house company ready... and this makes a lot of problems for family times together. Other daughter will probably need to be out of state that week. We've been invited to DH's niece's house so I told DD to let us know so I can tell them. I also told her if we don't get together it'd be ok, maybe we'll do something Christmas.

Holidays are getting more complicated. I can see us in our old ages just being all by ourselves.

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Re: Wednesday's Wonders

Postby LadyMaverick » Wed Nov 08, 2017 2:54 pm

Taking a break. And of course, I always come to my favorite virtual break room. :)

The pipefitters F.I.N.A.L.L.Y. came here and installed the new gas line and cutoffs to the fake fireplace. It has been months and months of waiting for this moment to happen. I really like these pipefitters (father/son plus multiple helpers) and they are very competent in their work, but I wish they were better at scheduling. They are about as far away from Type A personality as you can get. After they finished the work, DH asked (with checkbook in hand) "How much do we owe you?". The son replied "I don't have a bill book with me. I'll catch you some time and let you know how much". We have done business with them many times (only pipefitters in this area). If they follow past pattern, then they won't ever send a bill. DH will keep asking them everytime he sees them until they give him a bill for parts & labor.

DS9 has been doing his lessons but not in a focused manner. There was too much activity going on to distract him. Somedays are better than others.

Yesterday at the chiropractor/acupuncture consultation they were asking me about my daily activities. I mentioned that I homeschool and that lead to asking who and why. That lead to mentioning that DS9 has Tourettes. I was surprised to see the instant interest of the Doctor. Come to find out she specialized in children especially autism. I never considered this type of treatment for Tourettes. She explained the neuro-pathway and it made total sense. I don't know if anything will come of it, but I made an appt for DS9 tomorrow for consultation with her. I will learn the results of my test tomorrow too.

B: Hot Mess (vegetables/chicken)
L: Tuna Salad
D: Frito Pie

I am trying something different today with my food tracking. This morning I got a plastic shoe box and put all the food I intend to eat today in it. As I added the food to the box, I was logged it in app. I've pre-logged my food before but never assembled everything for the entire day together. Seeing the whole day's food together made a huge impact on me. #1 - It seems like soo much food! #2 - It allowed me to easily see how many vegetables, dairy, protein, fat servings I am having and to quickly switch some out. The box sits in the refrigerator and I pull it out and decide what I want to eat next from the box. I don't know how this experiment will turn out but I really like it so far.
Time is precious. Waste it wisely.

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