Anti-Procrastination Wednesday

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Re: Anti-Procrastination Wednesday

Postby LadyMaverick » Wed Nov 15, 2017 5:42 pm

Sitting at school waiting for DGD6.

I have 4 of the turkeys at our extra refrigerator in garage. I am hoping the remaining 16 hams/turkeys will be taken home tonight by volunteers. I choose to do turkeys instead of hams because I can use the turkey bone broth. The ham broth is useless to me.
Time is precious. Waste it wisely.

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Twins' Mom
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Re: Anti-Procrastination Wednesday

Postby Twins' Mom » Wed Nov 15, 2017 6:08 pm

I forgot to take the script to return to CVS so will do that tomorrow. Dh asked me to pick it up, then it wasn't covered by insurance so was about $100. I went ahead and paid for it as instructed, however dh says this has happened once before and CVS was supposed to contact dr for a new script. Or something. :?

Meeting was quick and easy. Also went to grocery and bank while out.

Need to:
-get groceries put away
-do 15 minutes of desk clearing - this is an anti-procrastination day activity since my desk has been piling up for awhile
-get out of meeting clothes

In the spirit of anti procrastination, I need to give some thought to my Pro Gen project this month. Was assigned on Nov 1, we left on Nov 4 so I figured I would work on it when I got home. We're supposed to develop a research plan for someone who was in the document we transcribed last month. I've thoroughly researched these three guys and it seems too easy to regurgitate a plan for a person that I, and others, have researched. It's just supposed to be a research plan, one doesn't have to do the research.

I can't seem to get up off my chair....looking around for a research problem.
Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every new year find you a better [wo]man. Ben Franklin

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Re: Anti-Procrastination Wednesday

Postby Nancy » Wed Nov 15, 2017 6:11 pm

I have rajed the leaves in the front yard, dropped off rocks, did a store run snagged a cheese cake on sale, walked the dog.

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Re: Anti-Procrastination Wednesday

Postby Kathryn-in-Canada » Wed Nov 15, 2017 7:24 pm

Ordered all the plays for the rest of this theatre season. I bought the package in June, promptly forgot what I had bought (coupons to redeem for seats, not the actual seats at the play) and called in September to find out where my tickets were. Found out my mistake but still had to wait to talk to dh about when to go to the first play and when I called, only one day was available.

I was booking plays in Mar, May, June and July and even then, good seats were all gone. That's wonderful for the theatre company. We loved Arsenic and Old Lace so hope we'll enjoy the rest of the plays. I think someone dies in all them so that's quite the coincidence. For the last one, we are going on Friday the 13th.

I also bought a single play from the nearby theatre. It cost over 2x as much as the other theatre but it will be fun to walk over and this is called Blind Date and they pull someone from the audience each night to play the date so it should be interesting.

I have 12 items on my to-do list and have now finished one. I keep thinking of things to add to the list, rather than knock items off.

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Re: Anti-Procrastination Wednesday

Postby BookSaver » Wed Nov 15, 2017 9:24 pm

Anti-procrastination project report:
I pulled a full set of nice stoneware dishes out of my kitchen cupboards and have wrapped and packed them into a box for long-term storage. I don't want to get rid of them yet because I still have hope that someday we'll invite family or friends to dinner parties. In the meantime, we don't use them and I need those cupboard shelves to store things that are cluttering the counter.

It has been another of those "but first" projects. I knew it would be an easy solution to store away the dishes, But First I needed to clear enough space on the counter to work, and find a box the right size. I even considered going to a moving company to buy a dish pack moving box, and if the dishes were more fragile I would have done that. I finally came across a box the right size so now that part of the job is done.

I did toss out a few dishes along the way. They were too worn out to donate.

Next job will be to shuffle things around the cupboards and counters to make logical choices of what will be most useful where.

Not tonight, though.
Tonight I need to clean up the remains of supper, do another load of laundry, and get the trash out to the curb.

After those tasks I will have earned the right to sit and read a cooking magazine that is due back to the library tomorrow.

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Re: Anti-Procrastination Wednesday

Postby Kathryn-in-Canada » Wed Nov 15, 2017 9:26 pm

Went through all our Christmas albums looking for semi-obscure songs to do at the Advent Christmas Carol and Dessert night. Found seven candidate songs and have sent them to my singing partners (dh and my tenor) and we'll see if we can get something going here. With dh away, it will be tough.

Dinner is done so I should help dh out by starting the cleanup since he cooked.

I have a wicked sore throat and feel awful.

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Re: Anti-Procrastination Wednesday

Postby Nancy » Wed Nov 15, 2017 11:06 pm

Dil & dgd brought a rose bush to remember mom. Made me smile me had a good chat we firmed up turkey dinner plans while they were here. Have the next batch of rock painting under way. I had to redo the crochet swiffer cover that I am making up. This is the first one so tweaks are to be expected with the first few to get the patten established.

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Re: Anti-Procrastination Wednesday

Postby lucylee » Wed Nov 15, 2017 11:53 pm

I guess I slept through anti-procrastination day. :oops: And I have sooo sooo many things I am procrastinating on. :oops: :oops:
I just could not get going today, and ended up taking a long nap.

I should make a page in the BuJo for ANTI-PROCRASTINATION TASKS. Except I already do have a card for those things and it doesn't seem to be helping. My get-up-and-go has just got up and went, as dmom would say. It seems that is my case most days, and I am doing really well to get the dailies done. If I get to the weeklies, I feel I should throw myself a party. :roll:

Afterwards, I s2s, went to the drug store, and went to dmom's second house/late dgm's house that is near me -- to turn on the heat for dmom. And check the air filter sizes, so she can get new ones. They have not been changed in a long while. Well, the air was already on "heat" and set at 55. I don't know when that happened, but I just left it alone.
Picked up dgrands at their house and they stayed here until church time... when ds came by and got them (and me) and we went to church.
Now home again.
Split a rx of pills for dh (he only takes half a pill but gets rx for full pill)...
Put a load of laundry in b/c tomorrow is ironing day...
Re-entered a receipt in the Wmart savings catcher thing b/c they didn't take it the first time (apparently I mistook a 3 for an 8)...
and now I need to
[ ] exercise and
[ ] read the paper.

I don't know how much y'all are watching politics in my state, but we have a humdinger of a scandal going on now. I am just consumed by the news and cannot drag myself away from internet, etc.
The Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, who has been in politics for 40 years, has been married to the same woman for over 35 years (by all accounts happily and faithfully). He has been quite a lightning rod for his opponents b/c he has built his career on family values and morality, etc... has been removed from office for refusing to move a Ten Commandments monument from the state capitol and for instructing our county judges that they did not have to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. NOW -- a month from our special election -- FIVE women have come forward with reports that he molested them when they were teenagers and he was a single man in his thirties, approx 40 years ago. No claims of rape, etc, just "improper contact." In most cases, their account is mostly a situation where they were with him, he tried, they refused, he stopped.
Yes, it has that Hollywood-Harvey Weinstein (sp?) ring to it... but one has to question the timing.
And of course, it is all "he said/she said" because there is no proof of anything anywhere, no blue dress with DNA, etc.
One woman has a yearbook he signed, she says. He says the signature is forged.
I say so what if he DID sign it? All that proves is that she asked him to sign her yearbook. (She claims he visited the restaurant where she was a waitress, and he was also known to speak to high school history classes.)

This is NOT all playing out in my home county -- I have no personal knowledge of the candidate or his accusers. But it's all over Fox News, and I imagine CNN, etc., as well as our local news.

At any rate, it is fascinating to watch. So I've wasted a lot of time lately, following the story and its updates.
The election is Dec. 12 -- special election b/c the person who held this office before is now our U.S. Attorney General.

That was sweet of your dil and dgd, Nancy. Will you be able to keep the rosebush through the winter months? (Do you have some place like a greenhouse or something?) I'm completely ignorant of roses -- I have no idea what one does to keep them through the cold weather. Dmom used to have rose bushes, but I don't know what she did during the winter.

(((Kathryn))) Hope you feel better soon!!! You have certainly earned some time to rest and recuperate, though, so pamper yourself and take it easy as long as you possibly can!
The apartment looked so nice! I think the new friends will feel very welcomed and comfortable, in spite of all the difficulties you had behind the scenes.

Kathryn is ordering tickets to plays... I got home from church and dh tells me he has ordered tickets to the SEC Championship game.
I'm like: " :shock: :shock: :shock: Are you crazy? You know what they say about counting your chickens before they hatch..."
Then he said it was NOT a nonrefundable order -- it was through our school order form, and the order will not be processed if our team doesn't go. So that's okay -- it's just like he "reserved" tickets, I guess, rather than actually ordering.
We still have to beat that Other Team, you know, Rose & Elizabeth... ;)
(I know Rose is pulling against me, maybe Elizabeth is just indifferent, LOL!)

Oh -- Elizabeth -- I read Harriet's post about broccoli and autism and I thought like you, hmmm... I don't think dgs is crazy about broccoli. At any rate, ddil is not crazy about my suggestions, so I will sit on that bit of information till she brings up diet as a topic.

Twins -- when that has happened to us, our pharmacy has sent us to the doctor to do all the footwork on getting a new rx. Maybe CVS does better, but I know our pharmacy has a policy that they no longer make calls to the doctor, the patient has to do that. (It used to be different; they would ALWAYS make those calls for us.)

Her morning posts are always very JW and her evening posts are pictures of fire fighters pictures from calendars or other partially clad men in kilts or just close ups of men's chests.

Cathy -- that made me :lol: Yep... some folks are like that...

I don't worry about the dinosaurs -- I figure they are covered in the reptiles and beasts of the air, etc...
I am also not a stickler for those first 7 days lasting 24 hours each.
OTOH -- I left Bible study tonight aggravated AGAIN at our preacher. And this seems hypocritical, I guess, b/c our disagreement centers on our varying translations of scripture.
DS says he (the preacher) just says off the wall things to be playing the Devil's advocate and make us think.
At least he reference John Donne tonight, rather than '90s wrestlers. (Preacher is in his mid 40s and sometimes he is just TOO "contemporary (immature?) for me.) Sigh. At least he allows me to speak in Bible study. I guess things could be worse, right, Harriet?

Waving to BookSaver... LadyM... blessed... and EVERYONE ELSE I am missing! Just looking at Topic Review right now b/c washing machine is calling...
Tomorrow is another day.

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