Terrific Tuesday

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Re: Terrific Tuesday

Postby Elizabeth » Tue Jan 09, 2018 1:27 pm

Good morning everyone! Two new reports are posted on production and I am starting major modifications on another. Last night was dance class, grocery run, dollar store for birthday cards, gasoline, and not much else. I did stay up too late finishing a library book. The method used by the murderers was incredibly implausible, but at least the plot did not hinge on a heroine lacking a brain. I enjoyed Kathryn's pictures.

Today it is essential that I make some lists so I can get things organized and prioritized. So much to do! Tonight is Girls' Night Out and I should find out whether DD15 is able to go to Mardi Gras. If not, it is down to me and my traveling companion friend. It would be better for me financially to cancel, but that would be mean to TCF, so I am not sure what will happen. I am a bit curious about what (if any) trip the xBFF decided on after realizing my family's invitation was not for a romantic getaway for her and her boyfriend (who my parents have never met). Don't care enough to call and find out though.

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Re: Terrific Tuesday

Postby Ramblinrose » Tue Jan 09, 2018 1:36 pm

Working at my desk and wrote and sent my letter of resignation from my substitute teaching position. That means as of now I am officially retired :D
Live Boldly, Take Risks, No Regrets...Jilliam Michaels

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Re: Terrific Tuesday

Postby Harmony » Tue Jan 09, 2018 2:42 pm

RRose, wow, that's a big step. Can you ever go back into it if you should decide someday?

LadyM, I've done the same here with mixing up the license plate stickers. Mine weren't outdated, just wrong, and I took them both down to the office where they lectured me and created new paperwork that would match what I did wrong. That was the year I started noting on my calendar the month the renewal notice should come. And I set up a file to keep track of it all. It's a big job. We have 4 vehicles and 1 trailer. We carry copies of all the registration papers and the insurance cards in each one of the vehicles. I figured if someone was in an accident, and a couple trucks were traveling together, if one couldn't find the papers the other one would.

Last year I lost the whole packet of copies from our personal vehicle. Tore the house apart looking, and about 4 months later found it in DH's pickup, where someone put it by accident. We'd been driving around with no registration in our car all that time.

Once I didn't get my property tax notice, the deed was too new as we'd just moved and it got sent to former owner. Yikes! I lost a couple percent that year by the time I noticed. I have a note in my checkbook now.

I have notes and files and systems everywhere. It's exhausting.

Speaking of that, DH woke me this morning asking about a password and he was all mixed up about stuff. I don't know what to think of the way he gets all befuddled with details these days. I had to straighten him out on a couple things...

I've finished that last file I was working on, have the 1099's done and 1096 and I'll go to post office next and get them on their way. Now I'm all done until the insurance audit paperwork comes.

We're cloudy and I think it sprinkled. When I get back I need to do dishes and I need to get busy putting decorations away.

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Re: Terrific Tuesday

Postby Harriet » Tue Jan 09, 2018 3:03 pm

Ramblin', I recently came across a letter my dmother wrote to the school board asking for time off. (I was on the way) In her letter, she said, "I am expecting my first child". I found that both amusing and a little somber. I think at that time she saw herself as a future mother of several children, and that was not to be. But it reminded me how teachers plan their exits, but do find themselves back in the game again like you were willing to do, so often. And even with my dmother after 4 decades formally teaching, finding herself informally tutoring. Just saying all that to say, you truly gave to teaching. Happy for you and proud of you - both things!

Today the study was not well attended and the mood was down. A minor thing was that people complained about the new book. I didn't know there was anyone who knew anything about the author, but now know some aren't pleased (more because they think he is not a good writer than anything else). Not sure what to do with that - decision is not mine, thankfully. One lady came late and admitted - she hadn't wanted to miss a similar study being held at another church on a more current book. But all that's minor. A major thing was that most of us are members at the church and are just down. I tried to make the lesson upbeat and cheerful. And I did get some chatty input rather than hearing myself drone on, which is always good.

Hadn't been home long when HRH came home, so we had late lunch together.

The sunshine here is very welcome. I think rain is coming, bringing WARMTH with the cloud cover, though, and that's welcome, too.

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Re: Terrific Tuesday

Postby Nancy » Tue Jan 09, 2018 3:30 pm

I walked at the park with the ddog then I got a few things at the store, I have some things to do in the other direction thinking on that, may do it later in the week. Sort of stalling and trying to decide if I or when to get the new disc. covers in a diff. Size.

Had lunch got meds. Nearly time to let out the hens.

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Re: Terrific Tuesday

Postby lucylee » Tue Jan 09, 2018 3:42 pm

No, it is NOT a terrific Tuesday here, and y'all will probably wish I had just stayed out of sight, as I did yesterday.

My only TA-DAs for yesterday and so far today, are that I have managed to continue my record of s2s first thing. 11 days now.
DS did catch me before s2s today, but that was because he showed up before the alarm clock rang.
Blessed, it helped me so much to watch that Diane from Denmark! She said she didn't care WHEN you got out of bed, it could be 2:00 in the afternoon, but WHENEVER you got out of bed, s2s first thing then! So that made me feel less guilty for sleeping late.

But dh is sooo sick, and of course refuses to go to the doctor, and I feel sorry for him, but he is wearing on my nerves. He had said he would go to the doctor if he was no better by today, but now he says no... he doesn't want to catch something else in the waiting room! :roll:
He is going to try the whiskey/honey/lemon remedy tonight. That's why ds came by; he was kind enough to go by the liquor store and get the whiskey for dh.
Plus I don't want to vacuum or do anything that might disturb him, so yesterday -- after watching dgd from 8:30-12:30, I just curled up in the recliner and slept the rest of the day.
Today, dh was supposed to go to college town w/ds and I was supposed to have approx 4 HOURS to myself to get this house cleaned up...
but dh is too sick to go and ds, (who doesn't feel too great himself) was somewhat relieved. I guess I'm relieved that I'm not babysitting the two grands for 5 hours or so on my own tonight, but still...

(((HUGS))) to all of you who are dealing with this mess, either yourselves or with family members.

Then of course we watched that stupid ballgame last night, and Rose's team has to be the LUCKIEST team in the history of sports... :P
That's all I have to say about that... (They won in overtime, in case anyone missed it.)
I haven't even talked to dmom today about that. She will think it was The Greatest Game Ever, I am sure... :P
IF she stayed awake to watch it, LOL!!! :lol:

Kathryn, it sounds like y'all are having such a great trip!!! Kangaroo! I can't imagine having to watch out for kangaroo on the roads, like deer here! And eating kangaroo! :shock: But the weather sounds sooo nice. Swimming... It just sounds beautiful!
And Lynlee gets to live there all the time! Lynlee, how cold does it get in the winter?

LadyM -- whew -- your day makes me exhausted!
I wonder... I bet when stickers get switched like that, it is very seldom that anyone catches it. Unless of course, you were stopped for something else. Too bad about the penalty though.
I am blessed by the fact that dh apparently really does have a card file in his head. He is always very aware of when tags, property taxes, insurance -- everything -- is due. I would be a lot closer to dmom's level of functionality without him!

I will be glad when our new vehicle arrives. I think having a back-up camera will be a HUGE help in a vehicle this size. Dmom LOVES hers, and she drives a much smaller cross-over SUV.

Waving to blessed & Twins... Nancy & Dee...

I am a bit curious about what (if any) trip the xBFF decided on after realizing my family's invitation was not for a romantic getaway for her and her boyfriend (who my parents have never met). Don't care enough to call and find out though.

Good for you, Elizabeth! The less you have to do with the xBFF, the better! I would avoid that woman like the plague!
Also -- have dd stress to principal the historical significance of Mobile's Mardi Gras! After all, it began before New Orleans' celebration, right?

Rose, did you just get enough of substituting after the long stint you had this fall, or were you planning this for a while?

We're having the cloudy, sprinkly weather Harmony described. Sooo glad it has warmed up a bit! I went out to post office and wore a t-shirt and long-sleeved cotton shirt over it. Could have used a light rain jacket, but was fine without it, too. Of course, it will get COLD again this weekend.

Harriet, I'm glad your study went well this morning. Always good when others are chatty and take part in things like that!

I forgot, I have two other ta-das --
I emailed church secretary (to keep dmom on prayer list; secretary always starts fresh for the new year because our prayer list gets kinda bloated and you just about have to die to be taken off it) AND
I emailed teacher group reminder and minutes from last meeting. I need to make a few hard copies for those who don't get email. We meet next week.

I have absolutely NO motivation at all today.
I will push myself to do 15 minutes whether I want to or not. We'll see where that takes me. Maybe I will be in a better frame of mind when I return!

Hope things ARE terrific for all of you!!!
Tomorrow is another day.

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Re: Terrific Tuesday

Postby blessedw2 » Tue Jan 09, 2018 4:50 pm

Good for you d Lucy!!! I like her too - so positive! I would miss you if you were not here!!! My dh is exactly the same d lucy! Hope he starts feeling better!! I am like you today - feeling that lack of motivation. - any time I come home and go on the computer I loose all want to do stuff.

I totally agree about the less you have to do with x Bff the better you would be - Well done! - I am still dealing with that here and I realize I continually have to push relative out of my thoughts even though a far away cousin is now not talking to me - I am sure that local relative has been chatting and probably not in a positive way about us. My d kids tell me the same thing that d lucy said to you d elizabeth. Hope your dd can go to Mardi gras. Good for you on ignoring what your x Bff is doing.

hi d rose yay on being s2s and routines done! have fun at the movies

hi d dee glad you got the scripts out of the way! Nice to put that behind you. glad you are not coughing up a storm any more

hi d nancy glad you slept well last night

hi d harmony my dh is the same at times. Yay on your work!

hi d harriet - so sweet that your d mom still had that letter! I know she must have been thrilled. I too had planned on a large family and that was not meant to be but I then relished the time expecting my 2 girls. (My body didn't handle having babies well or even being able to have them in the first place). Look at who she had - you! Now that was truly a blessing!
it is always a joy to be here with you!

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Re: Terrific Tuesday

Postby blessedw2 » Tue Jan 09, 2018 5:03 pm

errands run done:
no tar jet as I only have the Christmas stocking stuffers for January on the list - not worth it
went to other grocery store to 2 cans of lentils but ended up spending 84 $ ridiculous
I picked up the framed Christmas stocking of dh that his sweet mom made - dh is tickled pink - it turned out really nice!
got my na-trene probiotics in (just trying) d brother swears by them

struggling with lack of purpose lately - I feel like I am just filling up time at home - I think it's still hard getting used to not being on call anymore. It's a good thing I know but it will take time.

okay: time to work
-throw in white laundry
-cut up veggies for shepherd-less pie (vegetarian)
-pick up where I left it with french in between (must use the timer)

listening to tom hanks book - maybe that will keep my mind busy instead of loosing focus while I work.
it is always a joy to be here with you!

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Re: Terrific Tuesday

Postby lucylee » Tue Jan 09, 2018 5:23 pm

Well I have done N O T H I N G since my last post.
DH moved from the couch to the bed, and now says he is going to try to take a shower, but I should "watch for him" b/c he might pass out.
I was going to clean in the master bedroom/bathroom just about the time he moved to the bed, so... y'all know where THAT time went.
I ended up eating (more) and just lolling away the time on the computer. :roll:
I guess if he should pass out, I could call the ambulance and THEN he would see a doctor. :roll:
I understand his reluctance to go to the doctor -- I'm sure he is so terrified of being put in the hospital now, after his last experiences, that he just wants to take care of himself now. But sometimes, it just becomes necessary to bring in professional help. * sigh *

Thanks for your sweet words, blessed.
Tomorrow is another day.

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Re: Terrific Tuesday

Postby blessedw2 » Tue Jan 09, 2018 5:32 pm

I am there too d lucy. Nothing but computer!!!
I am going to put on the timer 15 minute challenges at a time.

did 30 minutes in the kitchen - emptied dw, put few things in dw. dh washed misc from last night so I put those away. bleached the counters (mostly water), dejunked fridge a bit, vacuumed floor, swiffer dusted and swiffer rinsed

now to list spending
it is always a joy to be here with you!

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