Running Wednesday

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Re: Running Wednesday

Postby lucylee » Wed Jan 10, 2018 2:19 pm

I haven't cuop yet, but -- *drum roll* --
I HAVE TA-DAs!!!! :D

THE MAN came and took my dryer away -- he said he thinks it is the drum rollers, but he will have to take it completely apart to get to them, if that is the problem, and he would rather do it in his shop than in my laundry room. He said if that IS the problem, and the parts are available in Next Town, he will send his wife to get them * Harmony, does this sound familiar??? * and he "might not have it back today, but (he) will have it back tomorrow."

So -- ta-da -- I have done focus cleaning in the laundry room. When The Man moved the dryer. OH. MY. GOODNESS. We discovered that the vent has not been connected well, and 99% of my lint has just been going behind and under the washer and dryer. * sheesh *
I have vacuumed all that up, as well as I could behind the washer as well, and then did the high-low vacuuming all around.
Y'all can just IMAGINE. My laundry room is long and narrow. An open shelf is above the washer/etc, stretching the length of the washer, dryer, hot water heater, and sink cabinet (two doors wide.) I emphasize OPEN b/c it was supposed to be an enclosed cabinet, but the builder either overlooked it or we ran out of money before he got to it and just told him to overlook it. :roll:
To look at that shelf, with all the cleaning products sitting there, one would think I had the cleanest house in town.
One would be wrong.
Most of those cleaners are (* were *) very dusty... so I vacuumed all that.
Used a Swiffer wet-jet pad to clean up the lint that was just stuck to the floor and wouldn't come up with the vacuum.
Vacuumed * slightly * dh's ball caps, but did NOT remove them from the hat rack, although I was a tiny bit curious as to just how many he has. I mean, he coached 3 sports for the better part of 25 years, plus ds's rec league teams, plus the ones he has accumulated for college team.

There should be some better solution for the less-often used items on that shelf. Boxes with lids would look nice, but I'm not sure they would be practical. I can barely reach the shelf as it is, so it is probably much easier to just reach the item itself, rather than moving an entire box which would be heavier and more awkward to maneuver. Also, it is good to be able to just glance and see what you need, instead of prowling around in various boxes.

Oh well.
So I went from there to vacuum the floor in the kitchen and dining room... and -- y'all are going to LOL at this -- and probably shudder a bit --
I vacuumed up 65-70 dead ladybugs from the bay window and window seat in the dining room. * I DID count them. I could not believe there were that many. But OTOH, I had not really vacuumed since before Christmas! :oops:

Anyway, I'm feeling very proud of myself now (if a bit embarrassed) and I took the vacuum cleaner to the master bathroom so I will do that part of the house later. I don't know when I'll get to the den, but now I can check off the laundry room on my new 5x7 zone card.

Oh -- and I can count today as another s2s first thing day, b/c I showered before bed last night and had time to dress & put on my make-up before The Man arrived. He said 8:30-9:00, so I set my clock for 8:15.

I forgot to weigh myself this morning though, but that's okay.
Tomorrow is another day.

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Re: Running Wednesday

Postby Harmony » Wed Jan 10, 2018 2:22 pm

I hope our state never quits sending registration notices!

Adulting. I remember the first year DD2 was up at college and no one was declaring her on their taxes, she was on her own at that point because no one was supporting her but herself. She had to get her previous company to send another W2 to do her taxes as she'd neglected that adult chore!

And thinking about taxes, I finished the report I do on our medical expenses and insurance amounts. There is nothing more to do but wait for interest statements and donations report. Such a relief!

Got DH on his way with filled in papers. Trying to get electric turned on at our newest jobsite. They don't even have a power pole out there and have to set a new one.

I guess it's warm today. Haven't been out yet. Oh yes, to the mailbox once.

I've cleaned out another 2 desk drawers. And I cleaned out my purse.

Yes, Lucylee, sounds familiar. Last big trip was an hour away to pick up tile. Thankfully, a lot of my running is local.

Now I'm on to see if I can get the decorations down and put away. BooHoo. It's all over.

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Re: Running Wednesday

Postby blessedw2 » Wed Jan 10, 2018 2:24 pm

hi d dee what is pupa? sounds great what ever it is in the office. I love those type of leftovers for lunch! yay on put away. I will be praying for your d sil and hoping that something wonderful comes his way soon.

Dfriend M has one the same age so we compare notes. :lol:
d twins so funny :lol: Best of everything as you head out on your errand adventure.

hi d nancy happy work day to you while you go through your books

good afternoon d Elizabeth! yay on your dd working on her homework and being a successful night. A very grown up decision! Well done on your list and your work. Happy anti-procrastination day!

hi d lucy TA DA's how wonderful! oh those lady bugs are everywhere when they swarm - we get them in spring and fall - especially in the water heater area (that I never look at so it is always a huge surprise) :D You should be proud of yourself - well done!

Hello hello d harmony wow everyone is doing well on cleaning things out and doing work... well done as well!

lunch of skyr peach cloudberry yoghurt and some fruit - done very tasty and filling

time to get back to reality - truth - still in my pjs as I work - usually I s2s but I didn't yet -
it is always a joy to be here with you!

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Re: Running Wednesday

Postby lucylee » Wed Jan 10, 2018 3:04 pm

Harmony, this lady will only have about a 20-minute drive (each way) so I guess she should consider herself lucky! I just hope the parts ARE available there. It occurred to me that I do not want this vent hole open for a long while... might have something bigger than ladybugs sneaking in tonight!

Twins... Adulting... yes... sometimes I am quite (as dgs might say) "bored of" adulting myself. We do get tag notices here, but dh is usually ahead of them. ;)

Nancy --
moving rolling carts to get to dresser on wheels
That sounds like a smart idea. I cannot possibly move my bedroom furniture. Dresser, chest, or bed. It would be unreal to discover what might be lurking behind that furniture.

Elizabeth -- I feel bad for you if the trip doesn't work out, but that does show great maturity on dd's part.

I can't help it, I am LOL at your food choice last night, blessed! I am too picky an eater to eat cold spaghetti from the can, LOL! Cold pizza... I could do that. Cold fried chicken... yeah...
Today, I have had my normal pb crackers, banana, and protein granola bar...
Then I ate a tangerine & 12 Triscuits & 2 slices of cheese. But since I got up almost 4 hours earlier than usual, I guess it is normal that I would eat lunch, which I usually skip. We'll be eating supper at home tonight, so maybe I can stay within a reasonable calorie limit.

It is warm here today. I dread the cold weekend. They are even saying possible snow accumulation here!

(((Harmony))) for the sadness of putting away Christmas. DS said the same thing -- that he could almost be tempted to do like dmom and just leave it up, it was so cheerful and bright, and the house just looked "blah" without it.
I was very glad to be done with mine. The house just seemed to cluttered after awhile. I enjoyed the lights on the tree, but I could have done without all the rest, I think. DH would think something was missing though, if I didn't put it all out.
I cannot IMAGINE decorating and un-decorating every room, like some people do.

Dee, that sounds nice, for your dsil to be able to accompany dd and work up there during the summer. But what about the other job in Bermuda? And his dmom -- would he be able to leave her? Oh my -- I sound like a Debbie Downer -- I don't mean to!!! I'm just curious as to how all these other things are working out.

I'm sleepy. I got about 5.5 hours sleep last night (with 21 minutes awake) according to the FitBit. I'm not too sure it's working right though. It does not record me as active during the hours I was vacuuming! And believe me, that was ACTIVE. It's also showing lights that would indicate I have put it in manual sleep mode, but I have not done that. :?: There's a re-start function, which I might try, but I hate to do that after only two weeks. The battery appears to be fully charged. Hmmmm... I need credit for all that vacuuming!
Tomorrow is another day.

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Re: Running Wednesday

Postby Nancy » Wed Jan 10, 2018 4:28 pm

That was a fast chore the dresser, like 5 min. I used the duster and got the other wall behind the desk yea!

Hens are out for free range time.

I went to Staples got the lg. Disc. White Binder Planer dividers ect. Outrages price, but I know I will use it over several years. The half sheet size of paper ones were on sale but I have that one. I got this new lg. Size one is set up.

Lunch is done fried squash & cheese, little smokies and yougart. Meat pies for dinner.

I have crafting w faith thoughts heading to
J & C. For them.
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Re: Running Wednesday

Postby Elizabeth » Wed Jan 10, 2018 4:34 pm

Well, it's official! Traveling companion friend and I are going to Mardi Gras in Mobile. No one else is, but we will have a good time anyway. No, I don't need this in my budget, but it is not unrecoverable. Phooey on all those who bailed without good reason.

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Re: Running Wednesday

Postby Kathryn-in-Canada » Wed Jan 10, 2018 4:46 pm

In the lounge. The day has launched well. It is 4:45 but we got over 5 hours in bed and the hotel was quiet.

I am having my tea and some breakfast. Left my chocolate at the cottage by accident.

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Re: Running Wednesday

Postby blessedw2 » Wed Jan 10, 2018 5:00 pm

so happy the hotel was quiet for you d kathryn I hope you have a lovely day - my you are up early this morning!

I hope you have a lovely time when you go to mardi gras d Elizabeth - How exciting! - dd older went to New Orleans for Mardi Gras with friends a couple of years ago and had a great time.

Wonderful d nancy on going through dresser and dusting.

hi d lucy hope parts are available! oh I know (re: canned spaghettio's) I can't believe that was my choice either lol!!! So happy you got warmer weather today. wahoo on all that vacuuming - giving you tons of credit!!!
it is always a joy to be here with you!

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Re: Running Wednesday

Postby blessedw2 » Wed Jan 10, 2018 5:08 pm

bathrooms upstairs nicely done - the repair I made in the middle shower seems to be holding up. I am slowly bleaching grout between the tiles in that room - it is taking longer than I would like.

both bathrooms
I washed the glass doors :D
cleaned some grout in the showers :D
cleaned any gong in showers/bathtubs :D
cleaned windows :D
cleaned toilets :D
cleaned floors well :D
cleaned counters and sinks and mirrors :D
dusted about everything and behind everything walls and doors :D
wiped with clorox wipes all the door handles and doors :D
recycled bottles of empty shampoo :D
will wash the rug from the middle bathroom :D
changed out towels :D

also cleaned all the door handles in the house because of flu outbreak

bedroom ours swiffer duster :D
I don't feel like doing more in the bedrooms ;)
washing whites again - I always rinse out the bleach :D

the darks are dry and need to be folded and put away
it is always a joy to be here with you!

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Re: Running Wednesday

Postby LadyMaverick » Wed Jan 10, 2018 5:30 pm

My day went smoothly today. Not perfect but good. I'm enjoying the change in homeschool lessons. I am finding the new plan to be easy to see at a glance the status of all the subjects and lessons.

We are minutes away from picking up DGD6 from school, then off to pick up 15 pizzas for church meal tonight, drop off DGD6 at DD work then go set up for serving the meal.

Alarm going off.
Time is precious. Waste it wisely.

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