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Posted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 1:01 pm
by Ramblinrose

When I living in TN, Krogers was always a favorite of mine, though Piggly Wiggly was very popular as well. In NO there was a huge family store called Schwegmanns that I loved to shop at. Not sure if its still standing, but they daily made the most amazing french loaves that every one raved about. When the bread came out of the oven, the store made an over head announcement and people would swarm the counters. People were know to eat the bread as they shopped and you could buy a single can of beer, pop the top and drink it while eating bread and shopping for groceries...Only in NO. Plus their meat counter was to die for. They show cased huge hunks of meet of all varieties. I could choose a hunk of chuck and then tell the butcher to grind it however I wanted it...usually I would tell him, grind it three times in the medium large setting. The butcher shop was opened to the back and you could watch the butcher work on your order...I loved the place.

When I first moved Orange Beach, AL which iis next to Gulf Shores and on the Gulf of Mexico, my choices were Piggly Wiggly or Publix. I was surprised to see Publics there because I always thought of it as a Florida based store, and it was only found there in that part of AL. The stores here are family based although one has sold out to Krogers but has kept their family name. We also have several Hispanic stores, which have American names but know that most of their customers are Hispanic. I only go there with my son because he is fluent in Spanish and I love listening to him talk to all the vendors. They are also a low end store.

Back in the late 60's in Knoxville, we had a store called Cass Walker. He was a white guy who catered to the "colored" population selling things like pigs feet and collard greens which at that time were very cheap to buy. His real claim to fame though was his early morning show called, what else, the Cass Walker show. It was were Dolly Parton, who grew up in a small town Seivervill 30 miles from Knoxville, got her start, and where I first fell in love with her.


Posted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 1:40 pm
by LadyMaverick
My day is progressing smoothly. I stopped to eat lunch and CUOP.

Next up -
** DS9 to speech
** get hamburger for DS9 (not eating at school today because it is too cold for kids to play outside)
** Do History lesson with DS9
** DS9 to chiropractor

I have spent too much time search for multi-vitamins for DS9. There were too many variables to make it easy.
** Since he has the body of a 12 year old I decided to get him adult vitamins.
** No dye (this requirement seems to eliminate about 75% of the available vitamins)
** He doesn't like gummy type vitamins.
** Can't be huge because he isn't an experience pill taker.
** The less they smell the better.
** My preference is organic.
I had a dozen windows open and became so confused. Finally I just ordered something to have it over.


Posted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 1:44 pm
by blessedw2
we got in dh's covers for the shoes - hysterical!!! not for him - I am a bit frustrated he won't try but this will not work for him - he called them them fluffy sweetie slippers - Definitely not for him - I thought they would be those paper ones but they are soft velvety fabric :D He still is not happy about covering his shoes when he comes in from outside (he will NOT take off his shoes) so I will order those totes short cover ups for men. this way it isn't fluffy puffy for him - dh come up to me with the covers on - so funny - he asked me if I wanted to make pom pom's for them. Silly man 8-)

so far: kitchen dailies
took more things out of fridge and recycled or tossed. :D
counters and sink and stove clean again :D
turned on dw as last night I didn't have enough for a wash :D
meds taken :D

I need to make brown rice and banana bread today - later today

surface vacuum kitchen and then swiffer duster and swiffer rinse ( considering taking socks and using those instead of spending the money on daily swiffers) done :D

Yesterday I washed out the garbage can's through out the house including kitchen ;) :shock: :D
swiped the bathrooms (trying to stay ahead on dh's bathroom - thank goodness I checked ;) )
vacuumed the front hall and managed clutter - swiffer dusted and rinsed :D

I need to s2s next :D , vacuum the dining room floor and swiffer rinse :D stairs swiffer dried off :D - Next big goal is to work on front room pupa when I get home (I don't know why that makes me laugh)
I need 11 things from the grocery store (little stuff) - I am trying to use self control not to over buy and spend. Gym. heading out - I need to get out of the house. Even music is making me edgy to be out of the house. Dh says it's pouring.


Posted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 1:46 pm
by blessedw2
hi d rose!

hi d lady! best wishes on finding those vitamins


Posted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 2:39 pm
by Harmony
Dee, we are shoe people here as well. Don't take them off. If I'm out in the grass and know mine are soiled I shed them inside the door and usually put on slippers. DH, on the other hand, puts his on in the morning with his big long shoe horn sitting on the side of his bed and takes them off to get in the shower at night. It would be too big a chore for on and off all day long. If he drags in dirt and grass, he does eventually run around with the little sweeper. He couldn't manage the shoe covers either.

My ticket today would be to get this paperwork project with DH (neighbor job) off our to do list. Neighbors who made all sorts of trouble with everyone involved in their work have begged us to get it all straightened out. It is a nightmare and they are confused and now frustrated beyond belief. I hate to be in the middle of it all but have no choice. Never want to make a complete enemy of a neighbor so we are trying to help. It would be just the ticket to have this behind us.

RRose, thanks for the history behind fat Tuesday. I thought it had something to do with Lent but wasn't sure.

I got the big folding table down (hard) and dragged it back out to the garage where it stays. I moved the bench back into that spot from the dining room.

Don't know what's my problem but I'm just so sleepy today. If I didn't have this project to do, I'd probably crawl into bed. Can hardly keep my eyes open.

Chicken out thawing for dinner, going to make a big stirfry and put a bit of chicken in. Refrigerator has lots of veggies in it. I have leftover corn tortillas to wrap around it. An experiment, hope it tastes ok.


Posted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 3:18 pm
by blessedw2
totally understand d harmony. my dh has been making me smile all morning with the cover ups I bought him! he has found the process as funny. We have wood floors through out the first floor because of the dogs (one area rug in the family room). I may just have to give it up. :D best wishes on working on that paperwork with neighbour - hope you don't feel so tired as the day goes on.


Posted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 3:29 pm
by lucylee
I have some recordings of the Cass Walker show, Rose! Well, ds does, that is. He was quite a character. :)


Posted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 3:46 pm
by LadyMaverick
I only remember going to one person home that didn't allow shoes. It made me feel uncomfortable to be required to remove my shoes. I remember thinking it felt like I was walking around in my underwear. I'm one of those people who puts shoes on first thing in the morning and doesn't take them off until bedtime. I do think the floors would be cleaner if we didn't wear shoes and ban the dogs from coming inside. But neither of those things will happen here so I'm just stuck with having dirty floors about 30 seconds after I clean them.

Time spent at school went well. DS9 continues to feel at home there but is slowly losing interest in being there very much. I talked to the principal, his 4-H sponsor and the speech pathologist about DS9 today. I appreciate their devotion to supporting the best for DS9.


Posted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 4:11 pm
by blessedw2
I can't tell you how many people I know that take off their shoes here!- we are the only ones who don't take off our shoes in the family and even with friends - I change into a pair of home gym shoes or wear my clogs now when in the house (I used to always wear my shoes). I never ask people to take off their shoes as I know they would be uncomfortable but when ever I go to anyones house they all take off their shoes so you tend to follow suit. Actually dh surprised me when he came home - he put on the fluffy covers - I know that won't last for long lol. We went to christmas Eve and day and many brought slippers.

wonderful and a blessing you have such devoted teachers and staff for your d son d lady!

heading out soon. It is now 57 degrees and raining.


Posted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 4:21 pm
by Twins' Mom
I have just lost focus today.

Cousin J and I had a good lunch with mother - I ate things I haven't been eating but that's okay for that one meal.

I'm home again, it's raining out and I'm thinking of skipping my workout today. On the positive side, I did work out Monday and Tuesday and will work out on Saturday so I'll get in three today. Dfriend M is driving a van with rescue dogs today so she's not going for sure.

I'm frustrated trying to figure out a DNA match too.

I might nap on this rainy dreary afternoon.