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Re: Wednesday What We Do

Postby Harriet » Wed Aug 08, 2018 10:16 pm

Hugs for this love triangle ... .. LadyM, puppy and dgd. :roll: btdt

My recipe plans were over-ridden by HRH's desire for a date-night. We went to the Chinese place. That also meant I didn't get to the evening study at church, but I've been so faithful up to now I'm just not going to fret over it. It dawned on him that we were without a daughter for the first time since the school year. So no one to consider except ourselves.

Her dorm is being torn down and this causes a ripple effect through all the housing options she has. Also she'll be a junior who can't take advantage of a few of the frugal choices anyway. She's seriously considering living at home for a year. HRH is advocating for this, big-time. He wants her here. My concern is the driving time and although there will be more safety in the living arrangements there will be less safety in the transportation. A lot to think about.

Getting ready for the children to come tomorrow. Hope I can be interesting without their aunt dd19!

Ds says it looks like there will be 2 afternoons per week in this coming school year that dgs7 will need to come to our house for an hour, after riding the bus home, about 3:20 through 4:20. I imagine HRH will be all over this. I'll probably have to be the bad guy if any homework gets done.

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Re: Wednesday What We Do

Postby lucylee » Wed Aug 08, 2018 11:49 pm

I feel like I never get a chance to really cuop and reply to everyone lately!
I try to look in several times a day, but usually I'm on my phone and I just can't get much real communication there -- b/c I type so slowly on the phone.
I can't imagine how teens text without looking!

Today has been a quite full day, but we got everything done, errand-wise, and had pizza with ds & dgs tonight. DGS is sooo exhausting, but so much fun. I had him take his bath here (partly so I could make sure he got his excema lotion -- his skin is TERRIBLE after a week out of town. I imagine they have just been too busy to be consistent with treatment, especially with the worries about ddil's ddad. And I wasn't SURE ds would follow through on his own, so I thought I'd step in and at least get him lotioned-up one night.) ;)

Got dmom paid up through the 23rd of this month, and I believe she will be extremely ready to go home by then. But, judging by the progress she's making, maybe that will be okay.
Did two loads of laundry when I got home... which is HUGE, you know, b/c usually when I come in from errands/visiting, I just collapse. I guess having dgs around is helpful in a way -- I know there is no chance of napping, so I might as well stay up and at 'em. Maybe that's how LadyM and Sadie get so much done. :?
OH -- and I ordered a planner --
As If it will make me actually DO things. It was on sale for $4.99, so I thought it was worth a try to see if I'd use the daily pages, or if my calendar/notepad are truly all I need. It says 2019, but it also says undated, so... I'll let y'all know in a few days...

I still need to hang a load of clothes to dry, and put dmom's meds in dispensers for next week. I'll be making a quick trip over there tomorrow, and must be back by 4:30 when ds is dropping off dgs again -- so ds can give a music lesson. He's been apologizing, saying, "When I scheduled all this, I thought ddil would be home." I'm looking forward to seeing how his first full day goes! He said he liked his teacher today, and he thinks she will be nice. But, as he said himself, "I like everybody." Oh... how I wish he could be this way forever and everybody would be nice to him forever...
Tomorrow is another day.

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