Magical Monday

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Re: Magical Monday

Postby Harriet » Mon Aug 13, 2018 10:50 pm

BookSaver, I think I have more zest for the day when I have more than one book going. Twice the anticipation of free moments. And, it's like, if I lose one (and this happens more often than you would think, because I'm forever carrying them with me to some household event I don't believe is urgent enough to stop me reading), I'm not so weirded out, because, hey, maybe it was going to be more interesting to read this other book a while anyway. :)

Okay, Kathryn, that was random. :| I did not expect to hear a missing boa story today. It sure would be better if she could suddenly come upon him in the house, yes.

Twins', I'm glad that happened. You needed to blubber, the doc gets paid the big bucks and ought to give you that moment, and good can come of sharing with another person. It's so normal - doc's job is partly to express concern, and when we are faced with anyone who expresses concern we are going to let go the tears.

Nancy, I'm glad your day got better. How is your lettering practice coming?

Harmony, I had the same thought about that lady's hands. My goodness, how well groomed and graceful.

Elizabeth, hurray for adoptive possibilities and Briggs feeling well.

Happy to report bedtime at 11 tonight. That will be a better night, I bet. :) zzzzzzzz

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Re: Magical Monday

Postby lucylee » Tue Aug 14, 2018 1:04 am

I don't know how "magical" the day was, but I guess dmom thinks it was pretty magical -- she got her cast off and her stitches out. She's in a boot now, and doctor says she can begin walking a bit but to be careful not to roll onto her toes with her weight, to concentrate on keeping her weight on the heel of her foot. She will not get the pins in her toes out for three more weeks.
I am hopeful she will stay in ass't living until then, and she seems somewhat in mind of that too, BUT kinda wavering, "Well... if I'm walking okay... " sooo... I just don't know how things will go when we approach the 23rd.

DGS was very well-behaved at the doctor's office, although quite active and talkative... impressing a mother and her pre-teen son in the waiting room with his recitation and impersonations of various presidents. Shaking my head. Perhaps we should try harder to tone him down in these situations? He wasn't loud or getting into other people's way or anything... just talktalktalktalktalk. HOWEVER -- he quietened down in the examining room when they brought out the "saw" to take off the cast -- he said he was "nervous for Granny..." LOL... But anyway, he was very interested in all that, and behaved himself very well.

We got Granny back to the ass't living for supper, went to Dollar General for some items she needed, delivered those back to her, and came home to eat Taco Bell.
The magical part for ME is that I did NOT give in to any desire to sit on the couch -- I guess it is the grandchild paradox -- they take so much attention, but because they do not allow for much couch sitting, it is easier to keep oneself going and doing when they are around. Would y'all agree?
I took the shower curtain out of the washer (I had put it in before I left to pick up dgs at school)...
put it in the dryer...
put another load in the washer...
took the shower curtain out... realized it had almost melted (in ONLY FIVE MINUTES!!!)...
hung it up in dh's shower... realized it is probably too short now on one end...
s/s all three baths, including cleaning dh's shower stall...
and now the third load of laundry is in the washer and the first two are hanging to dry.

I wish I could get myself back into the habit of reading real books more, and spending less time on the internet. I really need to work on that habit.

A missing snake. Now yes, that would be exciting -- not magical, but exciting... I admire your bravery, Kathryn!

(((Twins))) -- I totally agree with Harriet! You needed to blubber and the doctor gets paid to be there for you.

Bedtime at 11:00 pm... hmmm... well obviously not for me, but I do hope dgs has gone to sleep. He is in bed, but playing on my phone and watching tv. Not an ideal situation, no, but about the only way this Nana can get him to bed without tears. His daddy should be here in another hour or so and he'll have to wake up and go home. Or maybe his daddy can just carry him to the car. He may go to school unbathed tomorrow too. I had no pj's or clean underwear for him, so no bath tonight. :oops: So... we just do the best we can.

Nancy -- I am more excited than most people could imagine b/c my new planner is expected to arrive this week!

It's like I think my entire life will suddenly change and I'll have my act together for once once I get this planner. LOL... realistically... that is probably NOT going to happen. But I am looking forward to trying a different method of organization. I don't remember if I have ever used a planner with daily pages. My mother used to always have a day-planner. I remember her neatly written appts in it and I was just thinking, that would be neat to have now to look back on. She didn't "journal" in them, but it would still be interesting. Sometimes she got on a REAL organization kick and she would make schedules for herself and for me, and I just loved it. My mother used to have beautiful handwriting, and I'd come home from school to find my schedule neatly written out and taped to the back of my bedroom door.
* sigh * Neither my mother nor I could stick to the schedules very long, but it was fun to try.
Thinking about that, even though my journals may be somewhat embarrassing to me, I suppose my son would treasure them, IF I don't destroy them before my death... which is still a possibility, of course.

Harriet, I know what you mean:
Businesses don't care what job description anybody has, just who is authorized on the account.

Every time our church puts someone new in a position -- youth director, secretary, etc... I have to send a copy of the minutes from the meeting where this person was hired/appointed to the bank, which I can do by e-mail, but I have to go in person and SIGN the minutes. I don't know how many times I've had to do this.

(((HUGS))) for your dmom -- and you & your ddaughters, blessed...

Wow, Elizabeth, that is kinda sad that your x wouldn't even take dd to church when she asked to go. I'm glad she is involved and enjoying her youth group now! And it is certainly understandable for you to smirk a bit privately. I have observed that what goes around really does come around, and if we wait long enough, sometimes we get to watch.

Waving to Rose... Harmony... EVERYONE...
Tomorrow is another day.

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Re: Magical Monday

Postby blessedw2 » Tue Aug 14, 2018 8:46 am

d twins - I am glad you were able to release that stress even for a moment. So normal and so important. many hugs and support dearest twins!
it is always a joy to be here with you!

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