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Postby Lynlee » Sun Sep 23, 2018 7:37 pm

Twins - Thank you for the link on trigeminal neuralgia.
That seems to be my problem atm - well since June.
Perhaps. or not. Self dx is not really recommended I know.
I just try not to annoy it.
Eating my dinner takes over an hour lately. That's with everything ready cut in small bits.
I'm experimenting with a one drop of lavender oil swipe around my ear/jaw at bedtime, and am trying different head/body supports in bed - that was the time of worst pain. It helps me - possibly - that is no scientific study.

Prayers for all who need them, and for this village.

Dee - Hoping there is a day you can get together with dgd23 and her DH2B, and have an early celebration, and get away for the late Oct date.
Prayers for your dgs and dgd, and their families.

I had to wonder if Kathryn's dd's oven was in US F I/L Ca C, or that would be vice versa. Hoping you get through the power cuts ok.
Just begin.
Living this day, today
Take a reality check; Remember to breathe; Do what I am able to do.
Look for the good in all.

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Postby Nancy » Sun Sep 23, 2018 8:06 pm

I have a good day. Our team won. Got to show h the pic of Dgson ready for the homecoming dance the guys have been going as a group and the girls go in a group as well seems to be working out. He had a bow tie on and suspenders.
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Postby LadyMaverick » Sun Sep 23, 2018 8:23 pm

(((Twins)))) ((((LynLee)))

I survived my first walk. My new walking partner is 1/2 my age and set a fast pace. I think I kept up but it was pushing me (in a good way). DS10 and his friend opted to throw the football to each other while we were walking. They are making plans to bring their fishing poles tomorrow since there is a good fishing pond in the park.

I did take a nap today.

That is two good things I did. I'm not going to list all the not-so-good things I did. Unfortunately, that list could be a long one............
Time is precious. Waste it wisely.

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Postby lucylee » Sun Sep 23, 2018 11:46 pm

(((Twins))) -- We have a good friend who has this trigeminal neuralgia. At least, I think that is what it is -- I did not see your link, but I googled it and it sounds exactly like what she describes. She says she has just an electrical shock-type pain through her jaw and it comes and goes, but when it comes it is almost unbearable! She has sat at hot weather bluegrass festivals with a scarf wrapped around her face to keep the wind from hitting her. I had never heard of anyone else having this, and I am so sorry you are dealing with it! I don't know what kind of medicine she has been prescribed or any other treatment she has had, and her condition may not be the exact same thing, but I certainly hope you get some quick relief from yours. (((HUGS)))

Also (((HUGS))) for Lynlee for whatever your specific trouble is caused by!

My email is driving me insane. It is so slow on the a o l browser that dh and I just get so frustrated we give up! I'm on google chrome browser now and it is a little better, but I haven't figured out how to switch from one window to another on this like I do the a o l. Seems like if I try to open a second window here, the first just disappears. I had a couple emails I needed to answer tonight, so I did them through the google window, and I just stayed here to check in with y'all.

WTG, LadyM on your walk! And your nap!

Oh, Nancy, I bet your dgs looked handsome! So nice to see young men all dressed up sometimes.

(((Dee))) Seems like you've had an awful lot of stress lately too! I hope things continue to go well for dh, and that dgd doesn't have too much pain with the broken arm. I know her ddaddy must be suffering a lot over this too. And then the baby shower and all the stress that goes with decision-making on THAT front. (((BIG HUGS))) and prayers that ALL situations are resolved well for ALL of you!

Harriet, we skipped church today. I feel bad about that, as if we are putting sports ahead of worship... but if we stayed in College Town and drove home in the morning, I probably wouldn't feel so guilty -- which makes no sense at all. So we rationalize that the Lord feels the same way about us whether we miss b/c we're driving or b/c we're sleeping. Next week we should get home earlier, and dgs and I will make an extra effort to get up in time. Then we have one week OFF! (Not an off day for the team, but dgs and I are not going; it's an "away" game.)

Kathryn, I must say you are doing well cooking under extremely adverse conditions... but I certainly do not envy you being in an apartment building with no electricity. I hope it doesn't get too hot or stuffy and that they get y'all going again soon!

WAVING to EVERYONE!!!! This is as far as I can see in Topic Review, and dh needs the computer!
Tomorrow is another day.

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Postby Harriet » Sun Sep 23, 2018 11:56 pm

A lovely evening. Dd set up Japanese orchestral music for us, and we worked "together", in separate spaces. I sewed a tiny quilt block that finished up precisely, very satisfying. I don't know a name for it right now, but I'm sure I'll run across it. In the book in which I found the pattern, it only has a number. At the same time, dd inked and watercolored two of her sketches for Illustration, using a salt technique in one. They are seriously good. We kept coming into the other's space and stretching, both of us feeling tension in our backs from careful work. We would comment on the others' work and give opinion. I'd do this every day if life would cooperate.

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Postby Harmony » Mon Sep 24, 2018 12:13 am

(Twins) hope the med is helping.

Definitely NOT redneck here. I grew up in a big city metropolitan area, and down here I'd say it's more upper middle class people from up north. There's a lot of art, culture around; lots of educated people even if they're retired. There are small pockets of rural but even those are just entrepreneurial and honestly I don't know anybody who goes barefoot except at the beach or even wears cowboy boots.

That being said, I watched most of a redneck movie yesterday that was so fun I watched it again this evening!

Anyway, people are different and I don't look down on anybody for the way they are---or aren't.

Nice day. They have DH and I doing some ushering 1 service a month and we were learning the ropes and I enjoyed that a lot. We got groceries on the way home, bike ride in the afternoon, and a really nice dinner we put together both of us. I hope the rest of the week goes as well.

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