Keep it Going on Tuesday

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Re: Keep it Going on Tuesday

Postby lucylee » Tue Oct 02, 2018 7:13 pm

Happy birthday, Sunny!
Happy birthday, Cathy!

Thanks for the good wishes for ddil!

Hope you’re feeling better today, Harmony —
And I hope LordM gets over his stomach bug quickly!

I have to get clean sheets back on the bed, pick up the “footprints” of two little ones, and s/s the kitchen.
I’ve been pretty productive today though — s/s all three baths, plus dh’s shower, and dusted main area of the house.
Tomorrow is another day.

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Re: Keep it Going on Tuesday

Postby Kathryn-in-Canada » Tue Oct 02, 2018 9:23 pm

Busy day.

No water so I got going as fast as I could and got my shower in and washed up the dishes before leaving at 9:40. Ended up picking up dd and dgs and taking them shopping instead of them coming here. We went to a hard-to-get-to-by-bus thrift store with the best stuff I've seen. It is the nearest one to the a very rich neighbourhood, but also a right next to a very poor neighbourhood. Yet it was very well stocked.

Dgs was very vocal and cute all day. At one point, dd took him along the toy section and I pointed out to her an "Emergency vehicle" of the sort dgs is enamoured as of last weekend. He spotted it too. It was a toy firetruck in a small bag. "Take bag to Mac's house!" he announced. For $2, I thought that was reasonable even though I just spent $25 on a Tonka one for him for tomorrow. Now he'll get two trucks! I also found a firetruck board book with a steering wheel and console attached with buttons. The batteries are dead so that's another project for tomorrow although we had some of that type, just not enough, and I've emailed dh in case they are stored with the device that we need them for. No idea what, too thick for a watch but the right size otherwise. Maybe the laser pointer.

At my house, there was no water (expected but I was prepared) so we washed hands by soaking them in water in sink which he liked. His last potty trip the water had returned and when I turned on the tap, he said "Nana tap working again." Dd was particularly impressed with the use of 'again' as well as getting the tense of the verb to match the adverb. Surrounded by incredibly precocious family (we all have large vocabularies and express large thoughts that use them) it should not be a surprise. We taught him 'savour' a few weeks ago since he was wolfing down a croissant that deserved to be savoured.

Speaking of taps, while we were babysitting him at the hotel in August, there was a waterfall tap. I went to wash my hands and exclaimed, "I love this tap" to which he replied, "No play in water!" I'm guessing he was playing too much with the waterfall and had been rebuked, so I was too!

He had a great time playing with all the toys at Nana's which is what he had been asking to do for the past 2 weeks. Today we pulled out the Fisher Price farm and house after the train set was put away. He also insisted on putting everything away so he's good that way. Makes cleanup when he leaves pretty quick (just put the bins away.)

He only napped 30 minutes after playtime. He slept 2 hours once here with his daddy but his daddy put him in the spare bad and lay with him the whole time (it is almost 3' up, over hardwood on concrete so yeah, can't leave him alone in there.) Actually, his daddy napped most of the time but they both deserved a rest that day. Dd insists on putting dgs on the floor or in the pack-n-play. Without blankets or anything else. Then leaves him, in a strange room, subject to strange noises and drafts. No wonder he doesn't sleep well. Next time, I think I'll ask if he can sleep in the bed with me so he'll get a good rest. I suggested he sleep with his mother but she wouldn't try that. Instead she lay on the floor with him and then snuck out.

I drove them home because it was rush hour and I didn't have the heart to make them take the long bus ride on a packed bus. During the short nap, dd and I finalized the grocery list and I did the shopping on the way home as well as get the wheel torqued. I was still home by 6.

I've done nothing since except eat. I have the dishes to wash up and need to go pick up the mail as well and return the stroller to the car (it came up but didn't get back down.)

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Re: Keep it Going on Tuesday

Postby Harmony » Tue Oct 02, 2018 10:19 pm

LadyM, well, yes I drove myself. I hadn't decided on the gas, actually thought I'd do without as I was getting just 1 tooth out not 4 but at the last minute I got scared and said yes. It was odd. You have to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, and I didn't do that for the 1st half of the time until they explained it to me.

Then I started to get the buzz...but it was not any more than the feeling of drinking about 2 glasses of wine (though for me it's 1). I was alert enough to know what was going on, the soothing talk, the shots going in and where but not awake enough to be freaked out. I heard the crunch in my head and felt the sensation of stitches (2) but not pain from either of those things.

Right away I came to and walked out to the check-out and wrote a check and they let me go. Didn't say I couldn't drive but I did sit for a minute in the waiting room, then felt like that was a waste of time and I was alert and able...

The worst was just wanting to get home as the Novocaine was wearing off and had to wait all that time in the pharmacy. I did manage to walk back and get some soft things to eat while I waited.

From what I hear of other's experiences I was only knocked out 1/2 of the way. DH's one time experience was different, he says he remembers nothing and had to sit 30 minutes before he could drive.

Man I would be freaked out if I woke up with no clothes on. Why did they do that? Dentist did say sometimes the gas makes one sick to the stomach - which I didn't have... but whatever else would be the reason to remove one's clothes?

I keep going to sleep on and off all day. I can tell my body is stressed. It does not like something being ripped out of it. Also, I think wisdom teeth that are NOT up through the gum and below the gum line are a much bigger deal to remove. Mine was up a good bit and had been filled but the big filling and part of the tooth broke up so refilling would be iffy though he could do it. Removal was quick and easy for the dentist so they said, came out pretty easily. Cutting them out from the gum is a whole different chore.

I did ok. What I was really mad about was the fact that DH checked on me later on in the day and offered to go to the store for me if I wanted but he went to a thing at church and didn't come home till 8:00PM. It would have been nice to have him around even if I didn't need him for anything. You can bet I told him about that.

Today I took him to get his truck and I went home through town instead of interstate to drop a couple books off... but that took all the energy I had. I feel a bit worn out with all this.

It's looking a bit fuzzy around here. Some dishes are loaded in DW but the kitchen is generally a mess. Laundry needs folded. I will get to it later when I feel better. Tomorrow and the next day are the test to see if I got past the dry socket stage which is pretty common and pretty painful. If I don't get that I will be home free. I've been doing everything they say, today swishing with warm salt water, taking the antibiotic, etc. so just crossing my fingers. The ends of the thread from the stitches sticking out in my mouth are driving me crazy too but at least I don't have a mouthful of gauze any more.

Sorry, TMI; if anyone has to go through this don't be afraid, it's not the end of the world and a few days is all the recovery you need (I hope!).

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Re: Keep it Going on Tuesday

Postby blessedw2 » Wed Oct 03, 2018 11:04 am

before going to Wednesday ...

d harmony (((()))) I hope you recover fast!

d kathryn I noticed rich and poor neighbourhoods right next to each in California. It was so odd - driving from one area to another over and over. years and years ago
so cute about your sweet dgs and the waterfall tap! That made me smile

hi d lucy yay on your house.

hi d lynlee so nice to see you. wall push ups - what a great idea! wishing you a great evening

hi d book hoping the roof won't cost too much!

hi d nancy - I have been doing the door knobs daily again bc it helped last year with the bad bad flu that went around

hi d twins - yay on your work and keep on going. (swimming)

hi d sunny glad to see you stay safe in your weather!

hello to anyone I missed!
it is always a joy to be here with you!

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