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Re: Friday Focus

Postby Nancy » Fri Oct 05, 2018 6:08 pm

I got 4 plates that match my China st the thrift shop tow day. :mrgreen: That was all I got. Walked the dog, met a new neighbor got permission to get rocks to paint from their rock pile left over from landscaping. Worked on my writing project. H just called he is on his way. We had dinner on new to me plates, glad for that one was chipped sorted it out before we used it, that one is in the discard pile.
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Re: Friday Focus

Postby CathyS » Fri Oct 05, 2018 6:37 pm


Dh had a very bad night last night. He is up so frequently anyway that I didn't realize that he was up most of last night. We both had naps this afternoon. I do see him having difficulties with basically having to sit and do nothing because he wanted to get at the very last of the wood this weekend, but he can't use the chainsaw because the vibration would bother his left hand. He is not a man to sit and do nothing on weekends.

I got a lot of stuff put back in the pantry last night. Had a light bulb moment today when I realized that all of the cleaning stuff could go in the kitchen under the sink or in the only bathroom under the sink. I can't remember the last time I had more than one bathroom in my own home. Being in the country and having been raised in the country, dh knows how to pee outside if he needs to.

We went out for a huge lunch today, so no plans for supper.

Thanksgiving here tomorrow night.
"You know, how does it smell? How does it look? How shiny are my floors? Are my surfaces "touchably" clean? Am I actually removing the dirt from my house, or just spreading it around?" (Quote from a famous cleaning company) HA!

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Re: Friday Focus

Postby Kathryn-in-Canada » Fri Oct 05, 2018 9:19 pm

I'm off to bed now. It was a fairly busy day and the kitchen is all cleaned up again so I think I'll go to bed. I will try and force myself to do a round of physio first since my knees are really bad. Yesterday and today I managed over 5K steps after several days where I barely made 2K.

I booked 4 more sessions with my trainer starting the day after I get back and emailed her to say we are starting over again.

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Re: Friday Focus

Postby lucylee » Fri Oct 05, 2018 9:39 pm

I’m so glad I saw the house before you removed the link, LadyM — it IS beautiful — and your ddil does sound like the type that can do whatever is necessary!

I’m curious — does your ddil follow f lylady or some particular system of cleaning? Or is she just one of those people who (like my daunt) who can never just sit still?
With s larger home, it’s hard to get to all the nooks and crannies though; that’s why I ask.
Our house is approx 4000 sq feet. It is definitely nothing fancy... but still, it takes time just to vacuum the floors, of whatever. I just ROFLOL at the idea of doing 10 min weekly vacuuming for the WHB!
We use most of our house, but the guest room isn’t touched very often at all. (And so, easily forgotten when cleaning.) I also do not try to do cleaning in the guest bath of the study on a weekly — of even EOW — basis!
I’m just curious as to how your ddil schedules her time.

I definitely have no trouble sitting still. I’ve sat around and read all day the past couple of days...
Tomorrow is another day.

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Re: Friday Focus

Postby LadyMaverick » Fri Oct 05, 2018 11:04 pm

I came to the computer to send a pdf of the letter we received today to the CPA. 89 days ago we received a letter from IRS saying we owed $10k. I don't cheat on taxes so I wasn't really worried but I can't deny being uncomfortable being under the IRS microscope. ANYway today we received a letter from IRS saying we answered all their questions, their investigation is over and we don't owe anything. Our CPA said as soon as the IRS released that investigation that he was filing an amended tax return because he found another mistake I made which will mean about 2K refund to us. GHEEZ! JUST HOW MANY WAYS CAN I MESS UP? I just know that I will never ever EVER file my own taxes again.

DDIL doesn't have a system like flylady. DDIL is just very effective at juggling a lot of balls. DSon & DDIL both have slob tendency. However, because they have friends over all the time so their slob ways have gradually changed. DDIL is continually selling or giving away everything they are not currently using. She keeps the amount of stuff they have to a minimum. They are not minimalist and have A LOT OF STUFF but is rotated out of the house on a frequent basis.
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