Start with a Plan January Declutter, 2018

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Start with a Plan January Declutter, 2018

Postby Harriet » Mon Jan 01, 2018 11:52 pm

Here we are at the FIRST! Well, hum... ... what to do first? PLAN!

For 2018, for real intention to love and improve our homes, let's take the time FIRST to
create a checklist,
set up computer reminders,
or ANYTHING that is going to keep us on target as we work.

Be able to say, "Here is my plan for decluttering within this time frame." and positive change is already on the way.

Here are some ideas that have been helpful to some of us in the past. Can you think of others - do tell!

:idea: We might count the clutter itself in some way, like by bag/box or by weight, as it leaves.

:idea: We might count our time, and make a checkoff chart or calendar for the 15s, 30s or hours that we intend to give.

:idea: We might count the space by measuring the square feet of our home we're able to FREE again.

:idea: We could work according to donation schedules, either by area trucks, or our own calendar, collecting tax receipts.

A great thing about a plan is that it can be changed to a new one if we decide we need new momentum!

Also, rewards make a plan even better. ;)

What is your declutter plan for your lovely home?

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Re: Start with a Plan January Declutter, 2018

Postby Nancy » Tue Jan 02, 2018 9:48 pm

By the bucket, one bucket of painted rocks left today. I have 2 bags with donations ready to go!

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