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February Declutter Hearts Turn Toward Home, 2018

Posted: Wed Jan 31, 2018 10:18 pm
by Harriet
Home. This is our dream space!

Let's take time this month to show some love to our homes by freeing our dream space of the clutter that crowds it.

We always cherish pictures of who and what we love. As you work around the house this month, take your imaginary camera and snap a picture of that crowded shelf, the cluttery corner of a room, the closet that isn't functioning well. Instead of looking past the clutter (as we ALL do ) imagine that you are going to show this photo to a friend (maybe to us! :idea: ) to explain how what's in the photo is part of your dreams. Try to zero in on the difference between what is loved, and what is crowding you. How can necessary things be stored with less visual chaos?

While we don't exactly love the structure, property or things that make up our house, the love that we have for the precious personal space of home can't be denied! Here is where we nurture our well-being, hold our family close and shelter the memories that are meaningful. Here is where we will find the space to grow into our creative, contented, generous future selves.

Love your home enough to let go of clutter and let the dream space bloom.

Re: February Declutter Hearts Turn Toward Home, 2018

Posted: Fri Feb 02, 2018 4:52 pm
by Harriet

Even though I wanted to move on from office/other room by now, I do have a report:
Worked on all the paper, cardboard, CDs, etc. in three 12x9x6 boxes and one 3-ring binder of all the Angel Tree work from 4 years of my being in charge for our church. Reduced to one 5-pocket plastic accordion file. Now if someone else will take this work in 2018, I can hand them a single file. But if no one will, at least the different years are organized.

Reclaimed space: about 2 square feet.
Reclaimed mental health: ;) terrific.

Returning to a bathroom puzzle i'd had:
Wipes situation in front bath wasn't working. Little ones, and sometimes adults, needed wipes but they always looked out of place, or adults didn't want to use what seemed to belong to someone else. Found that the Pub lix generic refilable pop-up baby-wipes container (and maybe some other stores' generics, don't know) is plain white. There's no embedded design or brand name like Hug gies. I removed the front label and now it is our general refilable wipes container in the front bathroom beside the extra toilet paper roll. It doesn't look either babyish or adult. Just looks like wipes would be in it, neat and clean.

Reclaimed space: none
Organizing for love of home: check

Re: February Declutter Hearts Turn Toward Home, 2018

Posted: Fri Feb 02, 2018 9:27 pm
by Harmony
I used a little white container like that for under my kitchen sink where I put my unused green/yellow sponges. Neater than the torn celophane package.

New question: what does everybody do with their cardboard shoeboxes? They seem like such a handy place to store things, but I have too many. I keep my shoes in clear plastic containers instead.

Re: February Declutter Hearts Turn Toward Home, 2018

Posted: Tue Feb 13, 2018 9:03 pm
by Harriet
I do use them, but it's usually haphazard. Have used for craft storage, but only until a better container comes along or the supplies are used up. Recently "lost" one that was holding beads. HRH didn't recognize it as a craft and put it in a closet. So obviously, that wasn't the best. The beads needed to be in a clear-ish container I could label better. Some do hold shoes. Two that have the hinged lid with a lip store my DVD workouts in one and small weights in another. The weights one can slide under the bed so little hands don't find them to drop on toes.

Continue to chip away at the mountain here in paperwork land. Got a push when HRH and I were both going to have to sit at my desk together for some work. That forced me into some bigger decisions.

Re: February Declutter Hearts Turn Toward Home, 2018

Posted: Tue Feb 13, 2018 10:47 pm
by Nancy
I tossed some more stuff from the back yard & carport today. Trash can was only half full so I filled it. Yea for progress! I sorted a crate of old dog toys and hen feeder cans.