Health and Fitness, November 2016

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Re: Health and Fitness, November 2016

Postby Nancy » Tue Nov 22, 2016 10:29 pm

Walk just before noon today saw 3 deer, was with the dog.
Putting this here bc it is M O
Joke humor is a healthy habit right / dirty jokes as in need to clean the house...
if u hear your self saying ...
do not play on the floor you will get dirty it might be time to clean.
Don't touch that I need to dust.
Or a kid says that is dusty and U respond it is not my ckeaning day I am sewing!

It might be time to clean!

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Re: Health and Fitness, November 2016

Postby Kathryn-in-Canada » Tue Nov 29, 2016 3:41 pm

Dh and I had words yesterday.

On Sunday night, I felt terrible because I had eaten poorly all day. We walked over to the store and picked up yogurt (2x as expensive as driving to Costco but it was closed) and milk.

Still felt sick when I got home and on the walk dh had asked if it was faux-gall bladder attack from too much fat. I said that shouldn't be because I had that under control then realized I haven't had yogurt or probiotics for ages. So took a probiotic when I got home and lay down for 40 minutes. Not sure if that did it or simply undoing my pants solved the problem but I felt better.

Yesterday morning I happily went to have my regular breakfast of yogurt and fruit and couldn't find it. Sure enough dh never put away the groceries. They had sat out in our hot apartment for 14 hours.

So I tossed the yogurt and had cereal again yesterday morning.

But I had said, "The groceries were never put away, they are ruined." Which dh heard as "You forgot to put away the groceries last night!" So he took offence at me blaming him and expecting him to never make mistakes. I may have 'cried over spilt/spoiled milk' but after feeling so sick and missing my yogurt so much and breaking down to buy it at 2x the price, to have it ruined really upset me.

I find the days I start with cereal, I eat crap the remainder of the day and I had really wanted to start over yesterday. Instead, I had a hot dog while standing directing traffic in a parking lot, and a slice of pizza while sitting in the car after school as well as my healthy dinner.

Today I had my yogurt and fruit and another few servings of leftover fruit from the potluck on Sunday. Didn't have lunch until after 2 and had my beef & rice chowder with some naan bread (and I've frozen some of the bread so it won't tempt me so. Tonight I'll have a burger and salad.

So a much better day of eating. And easier to follow a good eating plan because I had a good start to the day.

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