The Productive Backyard 2013 - July to December

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Re: The Productive Backyard 2013 - July to December

Postby Harriet » Sun Jul 28, 2013 10:11 pm

Quick report - another "thank you" from dd14's friend's mother for the tomatoes I gave her, which makes me feel very happy. She has done all her taste-testing (LOL) and votes for the SuperTasty as the best tasting tomato she's ever had. We think she happens to like a sweeter tomato, and I happen to like a more acid taste.

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Re: The Productive Backyard 2013 - July to December

Postby Nancy » Thu Aug 01, 2013 9:34 pm

Apples are done, peaches and plums are green still. We are getting a few very small cherry toms to snack on while watering. We had some thunder and rain here today. I moved the big water fount in to the coop. Got the big feeder hung up and they are using it now. I took out the plastic smaller feeders.

Today I dismantled the nest of the broody hen that went next door to go for a hatch. After a month it was time. We herded her back home after she headed for the spot she was sitting again. She has showered in the rain and returned to the flock now. That's a relief.The other broody hen is still sitting on a golf ball but is in the coop.

We got the smallest egg I've ever seen today about an inch and a half long. Dark and speckled a lovely egg. One of the New Hampshire red pullets have already started to lay eggs. We gathered eight eggs today.

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