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Re: What's for Dinner?

Postby blessedw2 » Thu Jan 11, 2018 12:58 pm

dh (a seasoned meat eater) loved the beyond burger - a surprise.
I want to look at the ingredients again as I think there is too much fat and salt in it - something has to make it good. I also need to find out how they make their protein out of plants. I will say I didn't feel uncomfortable at all after eating it that beef does at times and no guilt!

I am beginning to see that I am enjoying beans and veggies more as a substitute for meat (not missing it like I used to)

ezekiel toast, one boiled egg, 1/2 cup of a smoothie mixture I bought at wh ole foods: different berries, date, grapefruit - really tasty
coffee for this morning

Lunch: turkey on ezekiel lettuce guacamole

Dinner: orange chicken and veggie rice (proportion!!! a must) disliked the orange chicken but liked the veggie rice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGRSSeSKVDo&t=2s
it is always a joy to be here with you!

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Re: What's for Dinner?

Postby Harriet » Thu Jan 11, 2018 11:22 pm

ejagno, I enjoyed seeing your neatly organized meal plans.

blessed, I enjoyed the great recipe about the Miracle Shepherdless Pie :)

Haven't yet tried the beyond beef burger. Our local WFoods put about a hundred boxes of it in their freezer cabinets, while there were still only a few of each of 10 or so others. I don't know why they didn't just keep some in their freezer in the back so it wouldn't look so much like a fire sale, lol. We did try the beyond brand of crumbles and they were okay. Dsecondmil likes them. Our favorites of either of those remains the Quorn (and their "chicken" patty and nuggets), but their products do have some egg white to hold everything together, so can't truly be called vegan, only vegetarian. We have them sparingly - ds' children like the nuggets better than any others, even McD, as does dd19.

To really have a vegan burger that holds together well, convenient in the freezer section, would be a big deal. I remember as HRH read the beyond burger pkg, he said, "why would I want it to bleed? I know what it is." :lol: But now with a recommendation we will definitely try. I actually saw some at WMart recently and said to myself, "now blessed's going to try that - I'll know 2 places to find some if she likes it"

Next best of burgers I've tried, I would choose the Engine 2 Italian burger (all their products are vegan), but you have to remember will be softer compared to the firm burgers. I usually put a few pieces of Romaine lettuce for the crunch of it anyway, although another favorite for me is to make a small portion of slaw. I like the Chao sliced regular "cheese" I can find at WMart or WFoods, and am fine with just half a slice on a burger, so a pack lasts me a good while. HRH has used his airfriyer for the convenience veggie burgers we've tried and it works fine, by the way.

Today was spaghetti with fresh bell peppers and (hothouse) tomatoes.

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Re: What's for Dinner?

Postby blessedw2 » Fri Jan 12, 2018 2:09 pm

I thought the same of their crumbles - it was okay - nothing special. Our wf did the same - they just filled up the whole cabinet. I will have to try the chicken patties. lol re dh comment about the bleeding (I agree lol). I like bean burgers better than this - plus they use a lot of oils it looks like. Dh loved it but he loves any thing that looks like beef. it takes a long time to crisp so I just let it sit and crisp. I think most vegetarians would like bean burgers better but those who eat meat regular seem to like this.

Thanks for giving me some other things to try d harriet - I will look for them!

I love spaghetti and peppers!
it is always a joy to be here with you!

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Re: What's for Dinner?

Postby blessedw2 » Fri Jan 12, 2018 2:17 pm

today we are having fish taco's
dh likes shrimp (yuck for me)
but I did get some mahi mahi

forgot I need an avocado (I think I will buy a small package of slaw instead of buying two different cabbages as it would be a waste). - I have cilantro etc.

yesterdays rice went over well - definitely will make again (not with meat) - I added a bunch of other veggies that weren't listed.

I have to admit I am truly frustrated on how much my groceries were yesterday - I think I am going to bring a calculator with me so I can see the difference in price. I spent 144 yesterday even though I went to wf the other day and spent 125 - :shock: I know I bought stock up things rice/barley etc. but the fish cost like 40 and I didn't expect that. I will have to be extra careful the next couple weeks. Stick with the veggies.

Never made it to the grocery store so our fish tacos will be tomorrow. I ordered a pizza and a salad - I dislike spending the money :shock:
it is always a joy to be here with you!

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Re: What's for Dinner?

Postby blessedw2 » Sun Jan 14, 2018 5:19 pm

hoping to use up the fish today for tacos - mahi mahi with taco seasoning broiled then baked until done served with slaw, avocado, cilantro

Cabbage Slaw:

1 pound thinly sliced or shredded cabbage ( green and purple is nice) (dh bought a 1 pd package for me).
½ teaspoon kosher salt, more to taste
¼ cup thinly sliced red onion, more to taste
½ cup chopped cilantro ( packed), ½ of a large bunch
¼ -½ of a jalapeño, finely chopped, more to taste didn't put this in
¼ cup fresh lime juice, more to taste
2 tablespoon olive oil

Monday: roasted beet and lentil chicken salad with siracha yoghurt Donal Skehan (I have left over chicken and a bag of lentils), salad - I need to buy beets - I might use goat cheese for me as I don't really want the meat.

I made this today - I liked the dressing - a dijon/balsamic/olive oil/garlic/s/p dressing that was added to 100 grams of chopped sun-dried tomato (from oil) and red onion finely chopped and cilantro and parsley along with lentils - I struggled with the lentils today (next time canned lentils or get the de puy lentils). I cooked it long enough but still chewy.

I also think the beets needed a dressing but I think cooking it like he suggested with lemon zest, olive oil/s/p and thyme branches will be used again.

I also made those cauliflower nuggets from a package - I would rather have had the cauliflower because 6 of them are 110 calories and when I looked at the ingredients it had flours etc. But dh liked them.

tuesday: baked farro and squash, salad left over and some soup. it was really good. - forgot I didn't have faro - dh went to the store for me
Make soup for week: winter minestrone page 53 ina garten Foolproof always delicious - I am freezing a bunch of soup for future dinners.

Wednesday: left overs

Thursday: wednesday: greek pannzannella salad 89 https://www.epicurious.com/recipes/memb ... n-52169161 - I cut it in half
and I made spanakopita to freeze some appetizers for later. (freezing on a cookie tray now) http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ina- ... pe-1948859 (it took me a while to learn how to work with phyllo dough (now I am fast and the dough doesn't dry)

Friday: scallops-(made a bit of sauce with it - shallots, white wine, chicken stock and a touch of butter) potato/leek and celery root puree - sounds fancy but is really mashed potatoes with veggies (as I have celery root that needs using) Easy meal in reality. dd older will be here. did not take long to make.

Saturday: who knows - a new adventure. baking day left overs - take the mash potatoes and make patties - add egg/flour/garlic powder/s/p - turns out there wasn't enough left over - so rethink that, leftover salad,
freeze the soup that we had done :D
froze one serving of bacon/squash/farro thingy :D
cooking meatloaf as it is dh's favourite - I have found that I don't eat much meat anymore and I am heavier on the veggies. Water is boiling for the brussels sprouts, I need to slice up beets and heat with a little thyme, butter. I will make the cucumber salad for tomorrow.

Sunday: menu planning - learning to cut recipes in half.
snack: hummus and veggies
garbanzo beans with spices
make apple muffins

next week I need to use up onions - thinking Alsatian onion pie. the other halves of the peppers have to be used

what I have left in fridge that needs using: cooked beets, cucumber 1-1/2 (make cucumber salad), lettuce, parsnips/carrots, peppers
tangerines, old bananas again, 1 avocado, onions, in freezer stock, d mom gave me veal - I don't eat feel but dd older likes it so I will make it for her and give it to her. veggie burgers, veggie chicken strips, chicken burgers 2, chicken ground, sole, acorn squash, potatoes, grapes, fruit I have to cook down bc its' going to go bad. package of shaved turkey - I do like that once in a while. (in other words I hope to not spend any money on groceries this week), 1/2 a jar of kalamata olives (tapenade?)

I need to check cilantro and parsley to see where it is on the spoilage level.
I will need a chuck of parmesan eventually - since it doesn't seem to bother us. goat cheese and feta also seems to be okay. (probably in our imagination)

hardest habit to break: cheese I love cheddar cheese etc. so limiting it is hard. but my family and including myself as i have aged have struggled with the effects on all of us.

future: I need to use my jarred red pepper
it is always a joy to be here with you!

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