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About Creative Home - Links

Postby Kathryn-in-Canada » Wed Jul 09, 2008 10:05 am

As we grow more organized, we see ahead of us the dream of more “free” time to do the things we love to do. Enter this forum with an eye toward giving practical direction to that free time! Our personal reward for gaining control of our households and responsibilities is that we then can gain control of less tangible things. We can begin to envision more beautiful surroundings, plan for more meaningful celebrations, and nurture our own creative gifts. Post here about the creative side of your home.



Crochet Cabana (this site, recommended by Lynlee in 2010, was updated in Nov 2012. Many video tutorials.)

Hand Embroidery

Especially Lettering and Text

Cross Stitch

Top Cross Stitch Sites (scroll down) from Indiana

Patchwork and Quiltmaking

Calculator for cutting patchwork pieces

Note: The above site, recommended by Indiana in 2005, was updated Nov. 2007 for faster calculations with a new "flash" calculator.

Quilting television/video

Quilter's TV (free selection of videos online, about 14 per day)
Summer 2008 - Note changes in use of this site: It is now VIEWER's CHOICE which of the day's programs you watch when you come to the site. You no longer have to wait for programming schedule times. Click "Browse Videos" below show playing at the time and click on titles that interest you to learn about them. "Daily Lineup" on right of home page, lets you choose another day of the week and read about upcoming choices.

Quilter's News Network on-demand viewing of 1,000 shows online, a lot are FREE, but some require $2 per month fee

Handling UFOs, UnFinished Objects

Ideas for getting projects finished

Idea for "rotating" projects, keeping records(scroll to "Time")

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