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Re: Art, Craft and Needlework June 2016

Postby Harriet » Sun Jun 26, 2016 11:58 pm

Thank you all so much for kind words.

Dd36 looked over the other bookmarks not yet laminated and picked out two for herself. I could probably mail those if I got them laminated soon. I already have the floral names for one in a word document.

I wanted to have a "Plants and Zombies" game cake for the boys, but when there are so many people in the house you just can't bake and decorate privately! (Also no room in the fridge for storing.)

I shopped online for a grocery bakery cake that would look like the garden rows in the game. The John Deere licensed cake (which must be iced in the exact way they specify) was a close match, although it has to have plain white sides. I did use the fence decorations that came with it, but instead of the tractor, I used P and Z mini-figures ordered on A-river, arranged like a "battle" in the game. Dd17 and I stuck in Skittle-like candies for "rocks" and gummy-worms "crawling" along the sides of the cake as though underground. That helped the sides look like part of the fun.

The only drawback for the cake was Pub lix' buttercream icing. The boys left plates with the cake gone but the icing still standing on them. Usually you only see adults do that. So, that does remind you why homemade cakes are loved.

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