Art, Craft and Needlework, October 2016

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Re: Art, Craft and Needlework, October 2016

Postby BookSaver » Thu Oct 27, 2016 11:21 am

WIP ~ I like that!

Harriet ~ Awesome job on the police badges. I'm glad you didn't have to take the little shirt sleeves apart.

Twins'Mom ~ Wise choice to put stamp club on pause for the moment.

Nancy ~ A coincidence I just read a book from the library about simple origami practical items like gift bags and such. I found an old map I was going to put in the recycle bin but then I decided to keep it to make either a gift bag or a divided tray/drawer liner for my bathroom cabinet.

Also will start using the Sunday comics pages to make small trash can liners for the one beside my sewing machine, instead of buying plastic liners. I never put anything wet in that can, so it doesn't need a plastic liner. It just needs something to make it easier to carry thread clippings and fabric scraps from the sewing machine to the kitchen trash without dropping bits on the floor along the way. Origami to the rescue.

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Re: Art, Craft and Needlework, October 2016

Postby Nancy » Thu Oct 27, 2016 2:18 pm

I am looking forward to sewing up some dog and bee prints in yellow. And a geomtric sage green soft orange and tan on off white.

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