Art, Craft and Needlework, November 2016

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Re: Art, Craft and Needlework, November 2016

Postby Harriet » Wed Nov 30, 2016 4:45 pm

Stiff plastic is great for templates - can't think of anything usual around the recycle bin that might be big enough, though. If you have your completed template that is not quite right, could you just trace beside the lines enough to make an approximate correct pattern - personal interpretation, you know!

Saw that Hall mark has a "new home" ornament this year that is pretty. But that got me thinking how much I'd like to make the "cottage" ornament I have a pattern for, that I actually reduced (speaking of copiers) from the Stitch at Home book. The larger one in that book has several pieces but an ornament could just be house-bottom, fold-over roof and chimney.

There is, however, no time invention (or intervention) that may allow it. Everything else a "go". Just not the time.

Elizabeth needs to come in here and tell about all her projects!!!

Cathy, too! - lots of stitchin' goin' on.

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Re: Art, Craft and Needlework, November 2016

Postby BookSaver » Thu Dec 01, 2016 12:29 am

Yes, I first tried to take the enlarged copy and fiddle with it to make it work. That's when I discovered that the old copier had enlarged more in 1 direction than the other and the proportions came out wonky. Rather than keep struggling with that version, it was quicker to start over.

My old cardboard cutting board has black lines in a 1 inch grid on a white background. It's really easy to see those black lines through thin pattern paper. It didn't take long to manually enlarge the pattern illustration.

Thin plastic would be my best choice for a template ... but the overall size of the pattern is 13" X 21" and I can't think of where I'd find a flat piece that large without going to buy one somewhere in TheBigCity. I found a piece of foam core board in my office that I'm considering, but it might be too thick because it's the same depth as thick corrugated cardboard. Otherwise I've been receiving calendars in the mail from charities, and I could tape a couple of the thick covers together to make a large enough surface.

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Re: Art, Craft and Needlework, November 2016

Postby Nancy » Thu Dec 01, 2016 12:54 am

More paper crafting here, gutted a few planner sections too.

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