Help?!? I need to figure out a BWP!!!

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Help?!? I need to figure out a BWP!!!

Postby scattered » Sat Sep 22, 2012 4:18 pm

AGHHHH!!! I so want to get this thing to work but I am lost!

Has anyone figured out a system for a working single mother?

Yes DS13 and DS19 are old enough to help, but their idea of clean and my idea of clean are light years apart.

On days that I work I get home and am basically a lump. Two weeks out of the month I work five 8 hour shifts (Mon-Fri) and then I work two weeks of 3-4 12 hour shifts which fluctuate and include the weekend.

I need to come up with a system that is flexible and doable.

Any suggestions... Please help?!?
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Re: Help?!? I need to figure out a BWP!!!

Postby Twins' Mom » Sat Sep 22, 2012 6:08 pm

Scattered, as I remember the system in GYAT - Get your act together - doesn't work well when one works, as it's too hard to do a full day of heavy cleaning after work.

I think I'd try to work out the days with two weeknights free, one for paper work, one light cleaning and one errands, the use Saturday and Sunday as they are in the good - a family work day and family rest day. Using the family work day to do heavy cleaning means that your dkids will have to learn to pull their share. The Free evenings can be used when you work the longer days, and when you do have the weekday off, perhaps you could combine errands with some light cleaning and get another week night free.

After years, I still think of Wednesday as errand day, Monday as light cleaning (my cleaning lady is here on Monday also so I can do some things she doesn't do) and Tuesday as paperwork, even tho I don't work a BWP anymore. Would be a good plan for me to try to introduce a weekly routine again now that we're empty nesters. I usually work three days a week this time of year, but full time, and beyond during tax season when practically nothing gets done except on Sunday.

Good luck - I think it takes a lot of thinking through what you're able to do on a weekday along with work...
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Re: Help?!? I need to figure out a BWP!!!

Postby Nancy » Sun Sep 23, 2012 11:53 am

There is a thread devoted to this topic thought you might be interested in it.

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