Pared Down Card System in a Planner

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Pared Down Card System in a Planner

Postby indy » Sun Jul 06, 2014 6:26 pm

All the daily items are on one yellow card.

There's a blue card for each weekday.

There WAS a card for the weekend -- but this may or may not shift into something else or may even just go away -- leaving weekends as free days.

There are four cards for seasonal items -- these incorporate the monthly lists which were once on green cards. Now there are four cards color-coded to the seasons (green for spring, yellow for summer, peach for fall, and blue for winter)and the lists are split among the months of that season to spread out the tasks.

I have pink cards with personal items on them.

White cards may be used for temporary projects -- I haven't given that a lot of thought as yet.

I was using a photo flip album for these but had moved them into planner pages and think I will likely continue to use the planner idea.

I did find the list on my computer AND I found the planner with the cards -- I can start working on this Monday morning and tweak as I go along.

First item up is a big project to breakdown into workable bites. I will mull that over this evening at leisure and then sketch an outline tomorrow during desk time.

Edited to Add: Dailies on a yellow card: beds/baths/beyonds; clutter/counters/surfaces; desk time; dishes/diswasher (IF we ever get the dishwasher repaired or replaced!); garbage/recycle/trash sort; GO system time (projects in the longterm -- aim for a minimum of 15 minutes); laundry ( divide this up into household and personal -- DH does his own as did both my girls once they hit fifth grade and they now own their own homes and do their own thing); meal prep/cleanup.

Most of these are small things so it isn't as daunting as the length of the list might appear. This really worked well for me for a long while and it will again, I sure once I get into the routine of it. I'll post on my day of the week cards elsewhere. Questions and ideas are welcome.

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Re: Pared Down Card System in a Planner

Postby LazyLoop » Tue Sep 01, 2015 12:11 am

I like how this is simplified!

Question: What is GO system?


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Re: Pared Down Card System in a Planner

Postby Lynlee » Sat Sep 05, 2015 12:44 am

Hello Lazyloop
Indi hasn't been here since September last year.
... from the context of it may be special 'projects' that can chipped away at 15 minutes at a time.
Sorry indi isn't here to answer.
Just begin.
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