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Re: Jan. Cards 2016

Posted: Thu Jan 28, 2016 12:07 pm
by Nancy
CI I have to up date progress. Working on the creativity room is coming along and I am making progress in the closet in that room.

Found some daily insp. On tv in the am that seems to be helping with my tude.

Hurt my Knee early in the mo., it slowed my progress.
Tree is put away.

Working on spinning up some fiber it takes up less room after it is spun up.

Re: Jan. Cards 2016

Posted: Thu Jan 28, 2016 4:41 pm
by blessedw2
D Nancy wow your awesome

I'm trying to catch up on weeklies- monthlies and seasonal

It's been hard lately so I need focus but I need to stay ahead of by animals floors and dusting
Dusting can b done every two weeks

My cards
Jan 28 kitchen floor wash - done
Family room pick up
29 - 2/5wash dining room floor& 3 season room 2/5 dis family room
30 - wash front room floor
31 planning bills paperwork
Feb 1 bathrooms - laundry room floors
Feb 2 - kitchen floor, front hall and stairs dust
Feb 3 - family room rugs and under couch dust
Feb 4 - front room floors and dust, vacuum bedrooms, vacuum upstairs hall
Feb 5 - wash 3 season room - dust that room - wash dining room floor and dust that room
Feb 6 vacuum the stairs and wash door to garage