Jan. Cards 2018

It's classic and it works for you: the original home organization card file.
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Re: Jan. Cards 2018

Postby Nancy » Sun Jan 28, 2018 5:26 pm

Weekly review

Wins got good success doing daily paper decluttering. If it is not done I just put it on a tray an move it to the current zone lol!

Lessons learned. Setting up bujo Feb. Pages is fun.

Was I on target this week to move me towards my goals? Mostly it took longer for my weekly home blessing towards the end of the week bc of fighting a cold. Glad I did most in the beginning of the week.

If not how will I improve next week? I still have not used my new larger size disc bound planner, or the lg. Planner I am thinking will be great for some writing, I have a few ideas down for it.
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Re: Jan. Cards 2018

Postby Harriet » Mon Jan 29, 2018 2:12 pm

review for me would include happiness that I fit a Rudolph Day in.
disappointment that eating wasn't better, but some days was good
Declutter/organization has been good
for the stress I've been under, I'm surprised the week has had a lot of positives.

Thought of a calendar chore I'd neglected and put a small year calendar on the fridge to replace 2017's. I do have a wall calendar in that room but need to glance at the whole year dates sometimes. This helps.

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