Holiday Cards

It's classic and it works for you: the original home organization card file.
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Holiday Cards

Postby lucylee » Sun Jan 21, 2018 11:59 pm

I hope no one minds that I made a separate thread for this. I was thinking some of you might share some of your holiday tricks while they're still fresh on your minds.

I don't really have any tricks, but this is what I posted the other night, and Harriet said I should put it here in Cardfile Central:

My holiday cards are sooo pretty.
I used scrapbook paper card stock and taped typed cards (from some source — Flady? Somewhere.)
Some of those lists are much more than 1 card long, so I just folded them over. We will see how that works, but I never liked multiple cards for 1 week’s instructions.

I am thinking removable tape might be useful to keep the folded part neater in the file... and I'm not sure how the cardstock is going to hold up, but I thought about the longer sheets of paper after I realized I had saved my Thanksgiving menu plan from 2013 on regular notebook paper, cut and folded to fit into the 3x5 files -- so I think this will work.
It sets my holiday cards off a little, and they look pretty, which is always welcome in the hectic part of the year.

I have cards for every week starting Oct. 14 -- the week before ds's birthday. I put reminders for last minute plans for his birthday, plus getting started ASAP after his birthday for Christmas. Then I added in Thanksgiving cards * and a reminder to plan for dgd's birthday, which could catch me by surprise, coming as it does during Thanksgiving week. I'm following the six week Christmas plan that I think Flady publishes, but at that rate, one would be finished several weeks before Christmas -- so I added in holiday cards on up until Jan. 1, reminders of things I have to double-check with dmom, our order from the bar-b-que restaurant for Christmas Eve, etc, and getting the decorations down after New Year's Day.

Ha! Just remembered -- I need to make a note to double-check with ddil to make sure SHE has gifts for the cousins' exchange on Christmas Day. Remember, this past year, she called me in a panic on Christmas morning. She ended up giving one cousin $$ and the other a game that Santa had left for the dgrands, LOL!!! :D DDIL herself said I needed to be "in her business" more this past year! :lol:
Tomorrow is another day.

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