Adapting printable forms to our systems

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Twins' Mom
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Re: Adapting printable forms to our systems

Postby Twins' Mom » Wed Feb 17, 2016 4:04 pm

A very basic printable to do page: Also on this page is a "Healthy Eating" planning page.

And another: ... e-day.html

KonMari check list for Kathryn: ... klist-pdf/

Customizable "Daily Docket" sheet: ... nload.html

These can be down loaded but aren't free or can be ordered as a notepad:

A weekly planner with "Top Three" goals ... st-weekly/

More printable pages, some customizable: ... st-weekly/

And another: ... ing-sheet/

There are lots more out there, the trick is to use them, isn't it?

I've struggled with these - so attractive and they look sooooo organized - but am using a Franklin covey pocket size wire bound planner again.
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Re: Adapting printable forms to our systems

Postby Harriet » Thu Feb 18, 2016 11:48 am

LadyM, I can see your commitment to meal planning here! When I noticed the "lunch, dinner" small space I did wonder about that. I could make it work assuming I'd be planning on the form after breakfast anyway, and would use almost "shorthand" for meals, lol. But it's not going to help if you are trying to record well. Reducing the size of the printed words would help.

Kathryn, a good way to size it to suit yourself. To print my own consistent dailies and use the original writing lines given for hourly reminders, I would want it at letter. But I certainly wouldn't need every line and every 20 minutes. So I'm interested to see that LadyM divided the day into 5 parts. That's another way that would come about as close to my needs as the original does, and be fine at half-sheets.

Twins' Mom, several of those would be smart - I want to look through them again. A couple I would stay away from because of long-list concept. I especially see possibilities in The Pink Truck one (you describe as "And Another"), with 4 separated "five-bys". Also smiled at her water bottle space. Her loooong to-do list space is not helpful to me, but as time segments for remembering consistent dailies it would be a good space. Btw, the one you begin describing as "More" has the same link as the link above it.

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