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Re: Planner chat and tips

Postby Ivy » Sat Jun 14, 2014 10:11 pm

[color=#BF0040]I have a day planner. It's the full year. I found, at receptionist desks, how when I was making an appointment a month or two ahead, how I was leafing and leafing through planner pages, trying to find my correct month. :idea: NOW- I take a post-it note, trim it to 1/2" and put the sticky side down on the edge of the full-month 2-page sections. It makes finding the proper month easier.

Also, my planner fits into a zippered leather (for an old planner) case, with an area for cards, med list/allergies, etc.. I carry my planner inside it, add an ink pen, slip it in, so if I'm bored in an office or in the car, I can write in my planner. Also, since this is a no-brainer, really, it helps prevent needing to borrow a pen from a receptionist to write down appointments.

I leave, sometimes, the page prior a Dr. appt. month, for goals, blank, then write what things I'll talk to my Dr. about, on the goal lines. This means 1 less sheet of paper to take to the Dr. office or trying to read my chicken-scratch scrawled onto a small index card. Also, my current list of medications is kept in Word, so I print up a new list (if there's a change), gold the list in half to take with me. It's smart, also, to do this, because if you're in an accident or fall and need medical attention, while you're in town or on a trip, you have your list of medications with you for the hospital or Dr. or ER. I find, too, how it's Very Important to copy down your cell phone # in your planner (if you have a cell phone) b/c you made need to give the # to someone else or call your DH or whomever, who has your cell phone. (We only own one.) Lastly, I always write down my Dr. #'s and addresses in my planner and my DD and DSon's cell #'s, in case of an urgent message to tell them or if we're late to meet them. In the case of an emergency, while in town, with the cell, if you copy your # down, you won't be frazzled and too stressed forgetting it. It'll be written for you, and you can give pertinent people the #, if needed. :idea:

Sometimes, if I'm getting ready for a large family event or holiday, I'll break down my housework and other preparations into baby steps and list them on the 2-page weeks, leading up to the event. It helps me to keep on track better. :idea: :)
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