Newbie-needed budget organizing tools

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Re: Newbie-needed budget organizing tools

Postby Harmony » Mon May 28, 2012 9:56 pm

Well, aren't we told to declutter using 3 boxes or bins or something marked keep, donate, toss? Just pick a spot and sort into these boxes, then actually put them away or take to donation place or rubbish can outside, repeat repeat repeat.

Some things I remember reading people were doing with their paper stashes: using trays to seperate and stack up projects, etc. I do something like that with plain manilla file folders. I mark them with pencil, the names of our projects and sort papers and stack them in one neat stack. Or you could do file, shred, action needed (pay, etc.).

I have letter trays. 3 stacked together. 1 is for miscellaneous stuff that takes a while before info comes in, etc. 1 is for current bills / statements to pay, 1 is to file. Of course, the to file one is on top and I can really pile that full before I file stuff.

Maybe some others will come in with some hints. Let us know how you're doing.

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