Paper Tamers' Mid-Year Tidy and Challenges, 2015

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Re: Paper Tamers' Mid-Year Tidy and Challenges, 2015

Postby Harmony » Mon Sep 21, 2015 1:36 pm

Lucylee, you're right, the papers would slide out if one wasn't careful. I only carry it back one hallway to the file cabinet back here. And I don't leave it out either. I have a shelf ankle-high under my desk and it rests there until I need it, then I empty the letter tray I use for keepable filings and sort and load into files and then put it away until next time.

They have 9x12 ones that are more binder type instead of a long narrow strip like I have. I think the papers would stay put better in that one.

I use an a-z expandable folder (the old red-rope type) to use for subcontractor insurance certificates. That works well, except it was feeling a bit flimsy to keep getting out of closet all the time so I put it into a plastic "milk crate" type container where it just fit exactly.

I guess the most important is to have a space to set up where you'll work and keep things. I'd get rid of couches and chairs before I'd get rid of my desk!

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Re: Paper Tamers' Mid-Year Tidy and Challenges, 2015

Postby lucylee » Mon Sep 21, 2015 3:43 pm

I think an inbox and outbox would be helpful for dmom. Then I could tell her (or myself, as the case may be) if the inbox starts to fill up past the edge (1" or so, I'd say) then that stack HAS TO BE taken care of. The outbox would just corral the outgoing mail, of course, and I would be taking care of that on the same day I did it... but if she got to the point that she could manage some of this on her own, it would give her a place to leave stuff for me to mail. (She does not like to put financial things in her rural mailbox for some reason, and I use a post office box, so I'm at the post office every day. No problem for me to drop off out-going mail there.)

I'd get rid of couches and chairs before I'd get rid of my desk!

Tomorrow is another day.

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Re: Paper Tamers' Mid-Year Tidy and Challenges, 2015

Postby Harriet » Sun Nov 15, 2015 8:57 pm

To keep a set of 12 monthly files handy but the labels private, I bought a 3-section stand-up file organizer similar to this one. It is a "stadium" file, meaning each section is an inch higher than the one in front of it. I can put four monthly files in each section for a year's worth of files. But it only takes up 3 inches by 12 on my desk and can be set to the side and trusted not to fall. Found a cheap set of 3 files that are black and white patterned and put them, empty, in the fronts of each section, and it looks very sophisticated and hides the labels on the other files. Since I bought everything from WMart, it was not a big investment.

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