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Postby MadHouseWitch » Mon Jun 10, 2019 10:17 pm

So I have used HomeRoutines in the past and I REALLY liked it. However after swapping to an Android phone I can no longer use that app, so I went searching for an app that didn't exist.... and I am still waiting to find "the one". After TRYING a few different apps I basically gave up. HOWEVER, I had an ah ha moment with GOOGLE!

Google Calendar is one go to for digital calendars (I still really like an old paper one though for family stuff and to keep everyone in the know) but PERSONAL things, my online school classes, and appointments for training that no one else really needs to know Google works great for. So I went to look at an extension of that Google Tasks! it makes checklist that I can set up like a virtual tickler file. The only thing I don't care for is that it does not reset after the day, you have to tick of the unfinished tasks to "reset" it. OR risk falling into the "catchup" trap. BUT it will send reminders for things if you want it to. so you have a built in assistant, it works with iPhone and Droid, PC and Mac. they sync and it is FREE. I set up a meal plan calendar too... but I am not the best at sticking TO IT!

I set up a calendar with the kids chores and shared with them (this does not mean it really works... I even have Alexa bugging them at 4:30 and they just shush her... *sigh* Mommy is trying!)

I have a task in there for "check physical tickler file" as well so the two can work together. I'm still working on it but it is a nice option, in case anyone was interested!

I tested out some MS To Do as well, it is similar, but more on the Outlook side of things (which I use for school)

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