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Morning Dailies

Posted: Mon Aug 17, 2009 8:11 am
by Harriet
Here is a place to chat about the every-morning plan we make to keep our homes and our days running smoothly. Chat with others here about tweaking our mornings in any way, personal or household. Or, feel free to simply place a post here that details your own morning daily chores for reference.

Re: Morning Dailies

Posted: Mon Aug 17, 2009 8:52 am
by helia
Argh! I bumped a button and lost a post. . .Grrr.... I'll try a repeat.

Thanks Harriet! I've been wondering if my a.m. routine is sufficient since it doesn't really involve much pick up or tidying. Here it is. I welcome comments and advice!

1. s2s
2. teeth and face care (brush and floss, put on a dab of foundation and blush, all I ever wear)
3. reclaim kitchen - unload dw and dish drainer, make sure all horizontal surfaces are clear and wiped down
4. gather laundry and start a load; there are occasional days I skip this, not having quite enough for a decent sized load
5. make my bed
6. quick wipe down of MBR and main bathroom sinks (not a.m. routine but a daily, though I think I need to scrap those distinctions); EOD actually seems sufficient for this task
7. Get kids off to school during the school year - last minute signatures, etc.? Do they need rides this day?

That's it! I wonder if I should add even 5 minutes of pick up/put away? With a family of 5, there are always a LOT of footprints left in our house.

Re: Morning Dailies

Posted: Mon Aug 17, 2009 10:27 am
by Harmony
My morning reoutine:

Personal care / dress / weigh-in / meds / vitamins / make bed

Empty DW if clean / put away dishes in drainer / tidy kitchen

Make plan for dinner / take out food from freezer


Begin desk day

Start laundry

That's about it. I do more other times of the day since I'm NOT a morning person. I do general pickup of house throughout the day, not much in the morning, and some with evening routine.

Your routines sounds very good, Helia.

Re: Morning Dailies

Posted: Mon Aug 17, 2009 11:09 am
by Harriet
(Healthy Habits early am -
weigh, 1st pint of water during morning exercises, update healthy habits records)

Morning Daily Card – 1 hour *
Make bed
gather stray clothes to baskets, choose the day's ONE laundry load
start laundry while unloading dishwasher
Pick up through the front of house
Check for drip-dries ready for trip to owner's closets
Swipe front bathroom, straighten
Laundry to dryer or hung to drip-dry - washer/dryer tops clear
(sweep/mop kitchen floor on easy laundry-load days when time's available - need 10 mins)

* (I give 1/2 hour to Afternoon Daily Card and 1 hour to Evening Daily Card for 2.5 hours total dailies. If that's all I can do on a tough day, we still survive! :D )

helia, the main difference I see in ours is the pick-up, yes. I schedule "front", or most visible rooms for serious pick-up attention in the mornings. My home is very open - when someone enters the front door there is a visual of part of kitchen, for instance, and part of hallway to bedrooms. If I don't give careful attention to that early, before interruptions, I risk some embarrassment!

Something to glean from Harmony is that she is already thinking of supper in the mornings. I don't get to that until afternoon daily card time.

Re: Morning Dailies

Posted: Tue Aug 18, 2009 7:46 am
by helia
Thanks everyone! I think I'll try adding a little pick up to my morning dailies. Some days, it would be impossible to get the entire living areas picked up in less than 20 minutes, so maybe perfection won't be my goal, just improvement on a daily basis. . .

Re: Morning Dailies

Posted: Tue Aug 18, 2009 1:59 pm
by Harmony
I can see where the style of one's house dictates how one does their chores. When someone enters my house, they are in the living room with views of that, the dining room, a little of the kitchen, and the tiny alcove off the living room where my desk sits.

As long as I have my desk neat (which happens as I start my desk chores in the am) and the kitchen is picked up, I am fairly safe should someone knock on the door. Our family room is back by itself and bedrooms are also not viewable. The dining room and living room do not get used very much and are pretty neat all the time.

People come in and stand at the breakfast bar and talk with DH, so it's not good when my kitchen is trashed!

Harriet, my old house has that open see-it-all floor plan yours does. Yikes, that was a lot more work.

Now if I could keep people from coming in my open garage door and through the laundry room (where all my work tools, mops, brooms, etc. etc. is kept) with a view of master bedroom, I'd be happy!

Re: Morning Dailies

Posted: Tue Aug 18, 2009 5:12 pm
by LurkyLou
Helia, I think your routines sound good. I also have a fairly open main floor plan. My office is my hotspot and I think I need to add that to the evening routine, so I can have it tidy in the morning. We don't get much company but it is just to the right of our entry and the desk needs more empty space and less paper!
My morning routine usually is: weigh/shower/teeth, hair, makeup/dress (dh makes the bed!)
Start lol/feed pets
Empty dishwasher/load breakfast dishes, clean off counters
Fill water bottles for the day/get gym clothes together
Pull meat (if needed) out of freezer for dinner
Make lunch if work day
Out the door if work day

Re: Morning Dailies

Posted: Wed Aug 19, 2009 9:35 am
by helia
Thanks everyone! I'm glad my current a.m routine isn't too far out there. I think adding a little bit of daily pick up time at some point would be helpful, even 10 minutes.

Our home is sort of open but not as open as some of you are describing your homes to be. When a person walks in the side door, the most heavily used door here, s/he sees the kitchen head on and has a glimpse into the dining area and perhaps the living room too as well as a bit of the computer room straight through the kitchen. And our island, the major hot spot, is about 6 feet from the door. :roll: So, I really need to keep the kitchen clean and the island hot spot under control to avoid embarrassment. Often, I'm not really embarrassed though.