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2014 FOCUS - Storage - 7/21/14 - Third Round

Posted: Sun Feb 16, 2014 7:38 pm
by Harriet
Here are Indiana's steps to a clean Storage area, from February 15, 2009

As we continue to maintain our homes, the key is maintaining our homes through out the year instead of a full deep cleaning once or twice a year.

Adjust the rooms to fit your home.

Not all the things listed need to be done this round. Some may be done daily, weekly, monthly, every 3 or 6 months or yearly. I have marked possible times for doing the chore. Look at each area with fresh eyes to see what should be done this round.

As you do each room dust, vacuum, wash, wipe, wax, sweep, mop, detail, straighten, and declutter any surfaces that need to be done.


Ceiling and corners - quarterly
Ceiling light - quarterly
Walls - quarterly
Doors and hardware – weekly (finger prints)
Door and floor trim - quarterly
Light switch - weekly
Dust lights - weekly
Cold/hot air vents - quarterly
Window – quarterly if needed
Window treatments - annual
Floor – weekly
Throw rugs – weekly if needed
Drawers, cupboards, and shelves – quarterly if needed
Storage containers – group like items together, label, purge, relocate
Manage clutter - daily
Repairs – either repair or put on a list for the future
Buy – replacements or something new if needed
Declutter – outdoors (next focus area) and post accomplishments in Harriet’s declutter thread. This is a great opportunity and will make maintaining the closets easier.

Remember not all the things listed need to be done this round. Some may be done daily, weekly, monthly, every 3 or 6 months or yearly. Use the list as a guide.

Re: 2014 FOCUS - Storage - 2/17/14 - First Round

Posted: Mon Feb 17, 2014 9:00 am
by Harriet
When we get to the "storage" topic, my thoughts usually go to our storage building in the back yard. If someone asked our family, "where is your storage?" that's what we'd probably answer. But snow and ice kept it inaccessible last week for any organizing ahead of cleaning, and there's not much change this week since the doorway's north-facing. Still, I'm remembering dstepson's disappointment in finding that it wasn't very well organized the last time he went in for some tools :( so gotta get to that!

But there are so many different kinds of space that count as our "storage areas" - we've talked about this here, and Ivy asked about it recently. That may mean this is a tough week - when we really start thinking about how much we could include!! :shock:

For instance, I have under-eave and under-stair spaces that hardly seem to fit closet week, since they are low, with low doors. I have to sit down to work on them.

BookSaver has talked about including her sewing material storage in her storage round. That's an interesting way to go at it - thinking of what you want to store in a better way, and working from the point of view of the items.

blessed was once smart to remember that many people own/rent storage facilities away from their homes, and might be forgetting they'd like to keep those clean and straightened, too. What about glove compartments in vehicles, or the car trunk? I don't have a garage, but lots of people do, and I'm sure they can be a project all their own. Nancy has talked about working in her carport area. What about a classic attic? Suitcases, toolboxes or trunks used for storage? Any space, big or small, that hasn't been worked into one of the other rounds, might need attention.

Re: 2014 FOCUS - Storage - 5/5/14 - Second Round

Posted: Mon May 05, 2014 8:34 am
by BookSaver
This round I'm thinking of storage at DMIL's house.

There are high cupboards in her kitchen which she cannot reach, and we definitely do not want her trying to stand on a chair. We're trying to schedule a cleaning party, to empty those high shelves so she can see what's there and decide what to keep.

Downsizing at her house, hoping it will give me a little variety in letting go of my own stuff. ;)

Re: 2014 FOCUS - Storage - 7/21/14 - Third Round

Posted: Mon Jul 21, 2014 9:17 am
by BookSaver
Third round to check on storage areas.

Still considering how to update our FOCUS threads. I like Harriet's suggestion of a monthly thread like we do in some other sections of the board. It would allow us to continue posting Indiana's schedule (with her list of the rooms due that month), but would also make it easier for people using a different schedule to post their activities. What do you think?

Re: 2014 FOCUS - Storage - 7/21/14 - Third Round

Posted: Mon Jul 21, 2014 7:32 pm
by ejagno
Oh my, does our exterior storage areas ever need attention badly, however it won't be until late fall (October-November) when the temperatures drop below 90º.

I will however utilize this week to focus on interior storage.

I have 36' of bench seats in our family room that is piled high inside and out with various items that were moved here from our "real" storage room. Our real storage room is off of the guest suite which is now being occupied by our youngest son who moved back home when his apartment was sold. He's using the guest suite as a living room, kitchen and bath and the 12x12 storage room as a bedroom.

In addition to having my son move back home I have acquired at least 30 moving boxes of family heirlooms from the death of my mother in law. My father in law didn't have room for them in his new place but didn't want these items to leave the family. Sigh!!!! What's a person to do? He's 84 years old, in great health and I just love him to pieces so I will do whatever he asks of me....................even if it means being his storage facility. I've already had to retrieve and return 2 items that he decided he really wanted back in his new place.

I am inundated with STUFF. I pray God will continue to bless me and help me find homes for all of these things soon.