2014 FOCUS - Living Room - 5/26/14 - Second Round

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2014 FOCUS - Living Room - 5/26/14 - Second Round

Postby Harriet » Mon Mar 10, 2014 10:57 pm

Here are Indiana's steps to a clean living room.

As we continue to maintain our homes, the key is maintaining our homes throughout the year instead of a full deep cleaning once or twice a year.

Adjust the rooms to fit your home.

Not all the things listed need to be done this round. Some may be done daily, weekly, monthly, every 3 or 6 months or yearly. Look at each area with fresh eyes to see what should be done this round.

Living room
• Ceiling and corners - quarterly
• Ceiling light - quarterly
• Walls - quarterly
• Doors and hardware – weekly (finger prints), quarterly
• Door and floor trim - quarterly
• Light switch - weekly
• Dust lights - weekly
• Dust pictures - weekly
• Dust decorations – weekly
• Wash decorations – quarterly if needed
• Cold/hot air vents - quarterly
• Window – quarterly if needed
• Window treatments - annual
• Dust furniture - weekly
• Closet -quarterly
• Floor – weekly
• Throw rugs – weekly if needed
• Wipe mirrors – weekly
• Drawers, cupboards, and shelves – quarterly if needed
• Discard magazines and catalogs on coffee or side tables; store those you want to keep – weekly
• Fluff and rotate sofa cushions - weekly
• Vacuum upholstery - quarterly
• Trash – weekly
• Sweep out fireplace - quarterly
• Manage clutter - daily
• Repairs – either repair or put on a list for the future
• Buy – replacements or something new if needed
• Declutter – dining room (next focus area) and post accomplishments in Harriet’s declutter thread.

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Re: 2014 FOCUS - Living Room - 3/10/14 - First Round

Postby Ivy » Tue Mar 11, 2014 11:35 pm

Got a huge cobweb in the great room. Swept the living room/dining area, as is 1 large open area. Tidied the end table top. Need to dust again. :idea: We need to organize our music CD's and DVD's again, too. I also could organize the books in the bookcase better than they are right now. Since I have several books on the bottom shelf of my end table, I'm highly considering taking them to other rooms. One idea I saw today :idea: was books laid in a horizontal stack on bookcases with decorative items on them. In an entire bookcase, it looked lovely. I'm not entirely certain if I'm reading for all that work, but since we have so many decorative objects, it'd be a nice fun way to utilize them. I'm reading for a new look, from the old.

One summer, I took coffee table books, laid them horizontal on top, in a stack, and added larger sea shells to the top. It was very refreshing and summery-looking. I just get so tired of looking at the wood-mounted cement turtle all the time there. :roll: I think DH is "attached" to his turtle buddy, as it came inherited from his Dparents.
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Re: 2014 FOCUS - Living Room - 3/10/14 - First Round

Postby Harriet » Mon Mar 17, 2014 6:36 pm

I was blessed this round by the work we'd already done when we brought in the new tv in January. That had caused a domino effect of a lot of organizing and cleaning out from tv to storage of media, cords getting organized, baseboards and walls cleaned, etc. So that let me concentrate on other areas. Was happy my declutter in advance a week or more back had gotten a lot of catalogs and magazines outahere. Always helpful! Should mention to myself ;) that I'm noticing that I'm not so happy with the drapes any more. Also the upholstery of the beige chair. So these are definitely things to consider changing.

Ivy, could you make the turtle a seasonal hat for a whimsical touch sometimes? (Not if dh doesn't find it amusing.) Or let the turtle move to another room for a season and then come back?

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Re: 2014 FOCUS - Living Room - 5/26/14 - Second Round

Postby BookSaver » Mon May 26, 2014 10:21 am

Second round for the Living Room.

I usually call this room the Front Parlor because I used to work at an old house that had been turned into a museum, and that's what they called the small front room. It has pocket doors that, if the room were more formally decorated, could be closed off to keep normal daily dirt off of the fancy furniture.

We aren't fancy people, though, so our Front Parlor has a comfy couch and my tv. (DH's tv is downstairs in his den. Separate TVs is probably one of the reasons our marriage has lasted so long. :lol: )

This FOCUS round I need to clean the ceiling fan before I begin using it daily for the summer. Since I mentioned the TV, the shelves that hold it can also use a thorough dusting, as well as the shelves that store VCR tapes and DVDs.

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Re: 2014 FOCUS - Living Room - 5/26/14 - Second Round

Postby Nancy » Tue May 27, 2014 7:37 pm

Working on this room today got some craft stuff out of it amazing how many totes with projects can stack up. Dusting next up! X

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