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Re: Groceries

Postby Nancy » Sat Sep 11, 2010 11:52 am

When we grill we cook meat for 2 meals and save on the price of fuel / brickets plus time and energy of cooking. Only eating meat once a day as per doc's orders saves us $ also. When you are our age don't need meat for muscle building he says. Even a small garden can save $ with produce and a fruit tree. Farmers markets save $ too.

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Re: Groceries

Postby Ivy » Fri Jun 20, 2014 2:07 pm

I heard, on the news, how grocery prices are going up by 1/3 b/c of the oil refinery fire (is there one now?) or perhaps it's the oil refinery takeover in Iraq's region? :?: But there are droughts & gas prices are going up. So groceries are costing more. They also stated how the stores are trying to "trick" us! :? They are putting economical healthy foods we buy, way up high or way down low, so we can't find them as easily & they're putting the goodies, fattier things, which cost more, at eye level. People are going through the store, accidentally buying more expensive things they don't "need", so they pay more for groceries each week. They said to be certain to look HIGH AND LOW in the store, buy the sales, & special offers, especially if you have grocery store customer cards, buy in bulk, free, and I thought this information was wise to get "out there". I learned something from it. :) idea:
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Re: Groceries

Postby FelineFriend » Sat Aug 09, 2014 2:14 pm

:idea: On the commercial local TV from Seattle they suggested something to save on the grocery bill, which I found smart. They said before you leave to go to the grocery store, inspect your refrigerator, cupboards and pantry for the foods you DO HAVE on hand, then write your grocery list according to what you need, based on what you have. This way you won't duplicate and have double the foods on hand and end up throwing some out. They say Americans throw out way too much food, daily. It's sad because there are so many who are going hungry. :(

I like to look through my refrigerator freezers, too. Then I can inspect how much room I have and buy anything needed. :idea: Also, keeping freezer burn down to a minimum is good, so you don't waste food from freezing it too long. Sometimes we forget something's in the freezer, then it's got yucky freezer burn and we don't want to eat it. It seems like a better idea to check week-to-week, keep everything current and updated. :idea:
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