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re: PocketMod discussion - ARCHIVE

Postby Indiana » Sat Oct 02, 2010 7:58 pm

Harriet wrote:

The new PocketMod site, re:PocketMod, is only a few weeks old and the re:PocketMod team already reports having most bugs worked out. The new forum is already getting a few posts. Our permanent links, above, have been amended.

The new site includes all the original template pages to print and adds a lot of new ones, including:

Next Year's Calendar (will auto-change)
Hourly Day-At-A-Glance
Food Diary
Auto Maintenance Log
New Reference Page choices
New Game Pages
Diabetic diary (under misc.)

and an extensive D*I*Y template set (from the site by Douglas Johnston), all compatible with ideas from the book, Getting Things Done by David Allen.

You may either download or simply print directly from the site in regular or (a new feature) any custom size. (Custom cardfile applications, perhaps? Hmmm ... ... )

Everything is still free. The original PocketMod site is still available, as is the forum there. Right now, its video folding guide seems to be working better than the new site's.

I will leave this thread title (PocketMod becomes re:PocketMod) as it is for a while, to call attention to PocketMod's news, although I certainly plan on using the thread for PocketMod discussion myself!

Hope to hear from everyone who enjoys the PocketMod, wants to share ideas, opinion, or has tips for its use.


Re: re: PocketMod discussion

Postby Indiana » Sat Oct 02, 2010 7:59 pm

Harriet wrote:

I'm very interested in the PocketMod site for my planning/organizing needs for the new year, especially for portable planning but also the cardfile. There are just so many really efficient pages under "Select a Mod", whether I choose to use the PocketMod format/size or enlarge closer to 3x5 for notes to work with my cards using the "fit to custom size" option. (In fact, the regular size is similar enough to 3x5 that in a rush I can just use it for a page within my cards.)

We just had to buy all new ink cartridges recently and so costs for home printing are uppermost in my mind right now. This site lets you print so much so tightly, so fast.

I think in terms of user-friendly cards or brief reminders and not lists, of course, so my favorites might be different from others, but these are some picks for my kind of organizing.

Pages I like:

Under "Writing Guides" I find Slide to be the most helpful because it can become a very readable "5 things" card or note for me with a larger at-a-glance heading above so I have no confusion with other projects or days. I also like it for a cover page for my own PocketMod configuration. Printed onto a permanent card, it would offer a "frame" for a sticker, but I haven't gotten around to that much creativity yet!

also under "Writing Guides" there is Table, which would work for my Healthy Habits chart for 4 days if I was on vacation and away from my refrigerator HH card.

There's a one-page month or the 3 new monthly planners that span 2 pages for more space are under the "D*I*Y Planner + GTD" heading. I think I like the third best and am thinking how I can best use it. Of course it works in the PocketMod, but also would work in my portable card keeper with the two pages facing. A little harder to find a use for it at home.

There is also a Weekly there, but I like the weekly under "Calendars" better because it includes Sunday.

I also like the Contacts page under "Organizers" better than the one under D*I*Y for scribbling down addresses on the run, because it's going to be easier to read what you write.

Dsonil saw a hard copy of a PocketMod for the first time while he was here over Christmas. I showed him one of my 8.5x11 sheets and one already made into the little planner and he was very interested. He has a full-time job and a part-time teaching position at the community college, so I would think he could use some on-the-go wallet-sized planning help.

He also mentioned that just knowing how to cut and fold that booklet, even if it was blank paper, would be helpful for a parent - quite right, a good addition to a few crayons in a baggie for a busy-hands activity for little ones, and older ones could use it any number of ways.

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