Here's my B.W.P. - ARCHIVE


Here's my B.W.P. - ARCHIVE

Postby Indiana » Sat Oct 02, 2010 11:05 pm

Nancy wrote:

Monday Catch up from the weekend / dig out day

Tuesday Trash day

Wednesday B.W.P. day weekly chores floors bathrooms etc.

Thursday Writing Desk day

Friday free day & Errands grocery shopping

Sat/ Sun. Family day / Rest day

What does your B.W.P. [Basic Weekly Plan] look like?

[I'm sort of on call for pay roll seems to be every other day or so at times any way.]


Re: Here's my B.W.P. - ARCHIVE

Postby Indiana » Sat Oct 02, 2010 11:06 pm

Indiana wrote:

My basic week plan looks like this:

Sunday - charge my cell phone and straighten my purse putting all receipts in slot for desk day

Monday - do the bedrooms, bathrooms, and desk and launder sheets

Tuesday – do the office, entry, hall and launder towels

Wednesday – do the living room, dining room and launder whites

Thursday – do the kitchen, den, grocery list and launder lights

Friday – do the mudroom, porch. patio and launder darks

Saturday – errands, projects and launder throw rugs or rags, or what ever odd load

During the week I also work on my focus room of the week. I work about 20 minutes each day until it is done. Usually it is done by Tuesday.


Re: Here's my B.W.P. - ARCHIVE

Postby Indiana » Sat Oct 02, 2010 11:07 pm

blessed wrote:

my week changes sometimes very fast so thats why I like a general plan of the week to give me direction and focus. (at first (because of my rebellious inner brat) I hated the consistency (and to be honest sometimes still do) but I do it and each time it gets easier to do because it is once a week.

we are now trying to do a room focus like our dIndiana
not always successful but we try :wink:

Dailies too

Monday*: bathrooms and put away ("I like Nancy's dig out day")
dd12 has karate at 4:15 this week
(after Oct 27 it will be aerobics with a friend of hers at
pre teen class at the ymca)

Tuesday*: 4:00 pilates dd12 maybe fencing
paperwork ** desk day

Wednesday*: heavy cleaning day *
change and wash sheets
dmil's or soccer practice (you never know when)

Pilates 6:00 for dd this week (eow thing)
donation day, garbage day

Friday*: no after school activities
do mini catchup and outdoor work
rinse one only at a time garbage can either the big one outside or inside... not obsessive but keeps them from smelling (so one a week)

Saturday (soccer) and Sunday: Family time

Sunday: hair dye personal care also
make sure everything is ready for Monday

*I have my cards weekly, monthly, seasonal listed (I will put below)
and I do those during the week. This way it is easy and not crazy.


Re: Here's my B.W.P. - ARCHIVE

Postby Indiana » Sat Oct 02, 2010 11:09 pm

blessed wrote:

cards I pulled for Sept. 23 to Oct. 23


the following are mostly minis I like minis (under 15min)
Weeklies: clean out cat litter :D also 10/15
wipe finger prints on kitchen cabinets.. seems we are messy people in our house. :D :D
vacuum kitchen front hall and family room :D
general vacuuming (include stairs) :D :D 10/16
clean out one drawer :D 10/5 10/12
clean and wash one drawer and shelf in refridge... sounds silly but works for us :D (sounds big but is a mini) 10/12 10/16
wash kitchen and family room floor :D :D

wipe appliances on outside 10/15
new for me: from nancy clean out emails :D :D
bills and make sure you file *very helpful :D x
pull things out of car... okay I tend to forget 10/16
swipe an area of wood work.. I have chair rails every where
dust a room I rotate.. okay lazy but better then not doing it like I used to do. :D family room
swiffer rinse front hall :D x

every other week
vacuum where cats sits 10/16
vacuum dog area :D
vacuum and swiffer rinse dining room 9/27
dd12 her bedroom
dd18 and mine

clean toaster 9/26
clean phone 9/26
wipe finger prints in house 10/1
clean water cooler 10/2
hand wash front hall floor9/27
swiffer wash dining room 9/27
" " dog room :D
clean light switches :D
clean mirrors 10/2
clean door to 3 season room 10/2
go through desks

Every other month: clean table underneath in kitchen.. :D

fall stuff
order hay ride
work on halloween :D
not listing things I have done

working on: outside for winter


Re: Here's my B.W.P. - ARCHIVE

Postby Indiana » Sat Oct 02, 2010 11:12 pm

blessed wrote:

my hopeful week of October 15 to October 21

How do you like hopeful? :D

Monday: Bathroom day :arrow:
Catch up day :D also menu planning :arrow:
Includes filing :arrow: not home in afternoon until dinner
dd12 Karate :D
dmom :D

Tuesday: home all day :D
Pilates 4:00 dd12 teacher cancelled
did bathrooms :D
dmom waits for tv and goes out with dd18
find the 2 library books :arrow:
store: ink for computer black I think I can do this :arrow:
put on calendar nov 7th dentist appoint 4:30 $500.00 for braces
sew patches karate uniform yes :D
girl scouts no :arrow:
call allergen (sp?) :D call again
bathrooms mine, girls, powder room :D
appointments for flu shot :arrow:
dd18 doctor :arrow:
checking account check up :arrow:

Wednesday: dmil
pollution test :D
return samples :D
cook beef bourg. :D

Thursday: karate dd12 (no school)
donation day
garbage day (favorite day of the week)

Friday: get ready for the week end!!! (no school)

and Sunday house project with dh and family
family time.

Cards pulled for weekly:

fingerprints on kitchen cabinets
general vacuuming :D 10/15
clean out one drawer
clean out one shelf/drawer in refridgerator 10/16
delete emails :D 10/15
wash kitchen
wash family room floors 10/14
wipe appliances on outside
swipe a room chair rails: this week kitchen 10/16
dust a room a week: bedroom mine dd's
swiffer rinse front hall :D 10/15
wipe one garbage can a week: last week checked outside garbage can and it is fine for the winter. :D
wipe inside of kitchen window

stairs (now an every other week as it really gets bad) :D 10/15
vacuum where cat sits 10/16 :D
vaccuum and swiffer dining room.. x ... last done 9/27 10/15
vacuum dog area and laundry room swiffer.. it gets bad there because of dogs
vacuum my bedroom
vaccum girls bedrooms

monthly: wipe windows in bathrooms ... they get dirty? who knows why :D 10/16

project: when I don't know but have it listed so I don't forget
wash windows and fix screen to kitchen where dog broke
back yard get ready for winter
clean out gutters
pull out snow blower get fixed
pull out shovels put in garage
when it comes in buy salt
silicon windows

daily at best project: work on picture frames. but if I don't do it daily it is okay as it is a wish
work on photos 15 minutes

change my dentist and doctor appointment
window people
Dr. hoffman

future: cover for bird house and seed from going on floor protector
xerox pictures for mailing :D
dog/cat appointements
plant bulbs ruined
knitting class
dmoms cross stitch
ddads hankerchiefs
wine for neighbors with thank you note :D
write fencing :D
write and call church :D
fix table in kitchen dh
dress shoes dd12 :D
me pants casual but nice shoes

me wish list new kitchen (in a dream world)
ralph lauren sweater I saw
gym shoes


Re: Here's my B.W.P. - ARCHIVE

Postby Indiana » Sat Oct 02, 2010 11:12 pm

blessed wrote:

does anyone have this problem.. I can't post on pwyc very often or here and other places because it will not recognize my log in I sometimes try 10 times.. is it because I have aol.. it lets me get to card file central but I still have to post login 3 times before it recognizes me.


Re: Here's my B.W.P. - ARCHIVE

Postby Indiana » Sat Oct 02, 2010 11:13 pm

Indiana wrote:

blessed yes it is because you have aol.

This is a "secure" site which means when you post it makes sure you are the same person that signed in. It checks your IP address.

Aol will come in as one address and change several time to new addresses are you are logged in. The board can't tell that you are the same person until the address you came in on comes up again.

The only way I know around it is to do your posts in word and log in as you then to post. You can read as guest.


Re: Here's my B.W.P. - ARCHIVE

Postby Indiana » Sat Oct 02, 2010 11:15 pm

blessed wrote:

Hi Nancy Thank you for posting your week!

Me: monday is bathroom day and catch up day
Karate for dd12 and Anad for dd18 and myself

Tuesday: pilates 4 for dd12 Not January 1
what do you have to donate

Wednesday: errand day, donation day (computer guy comes this week)
grandma day (not today)

Thursday: Pilates 5 and 6 for dgirls Not January 4
dd18 anad me class (not January 4)
bill day
garbage day tomorrow

Friday Heavy cleaning day with the conga crowed
karate for dd12

now soccer saturdays no practice just games
Saturday: family work day or friend day for dd12 do something with dkids

Sunday: discuss bills with dh
family meeting with dkids
planning menu
grocery store ?
print calendar for family

I noticed I don't have exercise for me in here anywhere... I need to make time for it.

Also need to add my uncle to errand day. (but only every 2 weeks)

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