Cleaning 2019, Third Round Focus through August 18

Detail cleaning schedules for each room of your house.
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Cleaning 2019, Third Round Focus through August 18

Postby Harriet » Wed Jun 05, 2019 10:02 am

Our current thread will always be FIRST in the line-up of topics in the forum, so it's easy to find and chat in current time! :idea: Our third round's calendar is in this post. The locked sticky threads about Focus Cleaning are just below, including the full 2019 Focus Cleaning Calendar for planning.

A consistently clean home is within reach! It's not that we need to clean everything suddenly :shock: it's just that we need to clean some consistently throughout the year :) we know that. Focus gives us one already-complete plan for a rotation to keep us on track and keep each lovely area from neglect. We don't have to re-invent the wheel, just roll along with the one we have at the ready, a week at a time.

Here's a space to chat about our THIRD rounds through our homes, which will be from Monday, June 3 through the week of Monday, August 12. Eleven rooms/areas for eleven weeks. Change the room or area names around to suit your home, record them in personal record-keeping if you want, in whatever form you'd like, and let's go through the house once!

If you are on a different plan for cleaning, please chat with us anyway, okay? We'd love to hear what you are doing through these months. To find some reminders and tips about rooms, check out the locked thread titled, The Eleven Focus areas and their How-To-Clean Notes. The contents listing there is clickable and you'll go right to the room you click.

Round 3
6/3/2019 porch/entry
6/10/2019 bedrooms
6/17/2019 bathrooms
6/24/2019 office/other room
7/1/2019 closets
7/8/2019 laundry
7/15/2019 storage
7/22/2019 outdoor
7/29/2019 kitchen
8/5/2019 living room
8/12/2019 dining room

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