Cleaning Focus - October 2015

Detail cleaning schedules for each room of your house.
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Cleaning Focus - October 2015

Postby BookSaver » Wed Sep 30, 2015 10:07 pm

Well, folks, we are deep into our 4th round of cleaning.

CEO started her 101 Days to Christmas Emails in the middle of September so on October 1st it will be only 85 Days to Christmas. Don't Panic!

I'm going to add the 1st week of November here so we'll have the big picture of the final stages of Focus Cleaning before the schedule switches over to the Maintenance Round through November and December.

10/1/2015 finish laundry room week
10/5/2015 storage
10/12/2015 outdoor
10/19/2015 kitchen
10/26/2015 living room
11/2/2015 dining room

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Re: Cleaning Focus - October 2015

Postby Harriet » Fri Oct 16, 2015 8:43 pm

Tugging my master bedroom back into the cleaning mix this time around, since dd35's family of 6 will be staying there at the end of the month. Worked on it at the end of August along with focus calendar, but it is a biggie and needs more time.

There is a spot in my house that is just super hard to clean - the space underneath our large wall of storage behind the bed. The queen mattress and box springs is just WAY too difficult for me to man-handle (not the kind you flip), so I do it a portion at a time. First I clean under the bed, pulling out our underbed storage boxes. That's not so tough.

Then I wrestle the mattress forward a few feet - ugh. Then I sit on that few feet of box springs (area is now opened up by about 7 inches times the width of the bed) and use the reacher-thingie to pick up any actual fallen objects on the floor, such as cough drops, papers, ponytail holders. One. At. A. Time. Then, in the craziest postures you ever did see, with our Coleman lantern placed in there shining some light :idea: , I vacuum with the longest set of wands. And then push everything back into place. Whew.

For "outdoor" week, I worked at my back door area, straightening up. And I dug up a flower bed by the back door walkway and planted it.

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