November December 2016 Maintenance

Detail cleaning schedules for each room of your house.
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November December 2016 Maintenance

Postby Harriet » Tue Nov 01, 2016 9:43 pm

November starts us thinking about holidays. How will you make sure your home is inviting and clean for your guests and for your own sense of celebration and enjoyment?

Focus cleaners are thinking "maintenance".

Maintenance in the Focus Cleaning calendar means we have finished 4 rounds of cleaning through our homes this year. We scale back to doing just the maintenance of our cleaning, so we can add in time for all the holiday preparations. All our 2016 work has paved the way for a calm season.

Thanksgiving planning (U.S. date) is very well outlined in Indiana's Maintenance thread above this one, both meals and home.

How to navigate: go to that thread's first post and see the list of weeks, and just click on each week to go to that post. (Or scroll down, of course, but it's nice to have that "contents" list there!)

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